Sunday Smoothie: Spinach Pear Banana Celery

Until now I only made fruit smoothies, so I thought it is time to make a green smoothie for Sunday Smoothie, a Spinach Pear Banana Celery Smoothie. Green Smoothies have beside fruit also vegetables. So Green smoothies can give you even more vitamines, fibers and minerals. I also did a search on the internet for a couple of blenders. Read further for the recipe and the blenders.

Two weeks ago I told you  in the blog Sunday Smoothie Banana Strawberry, a few things about blenders. When I wrote that Blog, I was very busy with all the preparations for my vacation, so I didn’t had time to really search for some blenders.
So this week I did some search for blenders that I think that work well for making Smoothies. I didn’t really tested them myself, but I read a little bit about it on the internet. I selected 6 blenders, that look great or have something special, with the condition that they have enough power to crush ice, frozen fruits and frozen vegetables.

  1. Philips Avance HR 2093/00. €75,99 at and €64,99 at CoolBlue
  2. Proficook UM 1006 €74,95 at CoolBlue and €81,99 at
  3. Kitchen Aid Artisan Blender Keizerrood €186,- at €229,- At CoolBlue
  4. Princess Power €47,99 at and the same price at CoolBlue
  5. Magimix Blender 11619 Mat Chroom €219,- at and the same price at CoolBlue
  6. Kenwood SB327 €84,99 at CoolBlue and 81,50 at

The Philips blender has 800 watt, multiple speeds and a capacity of 1,5 liter. In the reviews I read that it’s easy in use and also easy to clean. For me it looks good and the price is fine.
The Proficook is also not so pricy, it even has 1200 watt, several speeds and a capacity of 1,8 liter. It’s the only one of the blenders who has a lcd screen. The reviews say it’s also easy to use and easy to clean.
With the Princess power you have a cheap blender which has 800 watt, 2 speeds and a pulse button, and capacity of 1,5 liter. I choose this blender, because it looked great and not so expensive. But after I read the reviews on I would recommend you not to buy this blender. People aren’t satisfied at all, they had all kind of trouble with it.
The Kenwood is around the same price as the Philips and the Proficook. It has 750 watt, multiple speeds and a capacity of 2 liter. The specialty of this blender is the tap on the blender. It looks great, although I think it’s more work to clean and that’s exactly what the reviews say. Also that it’s a little bit noisy.
The Kitchen Aid looks great if you like this style. It has a much higher price than the other 4 blenders, it has 550 watt, multiple speeds and a capacity of 1,5 liter. The Blender is available in different colors. The power is not so much as the other blenders, but reviews on CoolBlue about this machine are fine. But I think this is a product that you choose for the design. Or maybe someone can gives as a review about their experience with the Kitchen Aid?
The Magi Mix is the most expensive one, it’s €219,- for the Chrome one, but you have multiple colors available. The blender has 1200 watt, multiple speeds and 1,8 liter. The blender also has several different programms like crushing ice, smoothies, soups and making ice-cream. Only I don’t understand the ice-cream function, because it has no cooling. I read in the reviews that it’s quiet. Which is nice. But on the other hand, your not blendering for more than a couple of minutes, so how bad is it if your blender makes some noise;-).

For Green Smoothies you need a good blender, because you will use some frozen fruits or vegetables. That’s what I used in today’s green smoothie, I used frozen biological frozen spinach. Because it’s my first green smoothie, I wasn’t sure if fresh spinach will blender so well in my Blender. So I have to try that one time. The frozen spinach went well with the Spinach Pear Banana Celery smoothie.

Honestly I’m not sure which blender I would choose. I think the Philips or the Magi Mix, depending on how deep my pockets are that day;-)

The Recipe:

Sunday Smoothie: Spinach Pear Banana Celery

A green Smoothie this time, which is very healthy and delicious. With Spinach, Banana, Pear and Celery.
Servings 2


  • Blender


  • 100 gram Spinach Frozen or fresh
  • 4 pieces of Celery
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Pear
  • A big glass of water


  • Put the spinach in the blender.
  • Clean the Celery and cut the celery in parts. After that put them in the blender.
  • Put the water in the blender and blender everything until it’s smooth.
  • If you use fresh spinach, then it’s possible that the spinach stays on the side of the blender. Stop once and a while and get it of with a spoon. Or put the spinach in parts in the blender, blender it and then put some more in it, until everything is smooth.
  • Peel the pear and remove the core of the pear. Cut the pear and the banana into pieces and put it in the blender.
  • Blender it until you have a smooth mix
  • Put the mix into a glass.
  • The Spinach Pear Banana Celery Smoothie is finished!

Greetz Claudia

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Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. I quit with this Blog, but it didn’t feel good to lose all the recipes, that’s why I copied all the posts to Cakes and Pumps and later to Goodlives. This post is written in 2015 by myself.

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