My Top 5 songs #2

For May I selected for this second blog from the “My Top 5 serie” some new music for you. Again some slower Dance music and some faster Dance music. Summer is coming (I hope) so we can use happy music;-). Read further to see which music I selected

Listen to this nice music on Youtube:

The first one in the top 5 is “Hungry from Dotan”. This song gives me such a good feeling, it deserves to be the number one. I couldn’t find a real clip, only clips with lyrics or live versions. Also nice, but I like the normal version most. I’m wondering why they don’t have a real clip, or maybe it’s just not available on Youtube.
What I didn’t know till now is that Dotan is a Dutch singer songwriter. You can find Hungry on his album 7 layers.

Second one that I selected is “Ghost Town from Adam Lambert”. It starts as a slow song, then a little faster. You should really listen to this song. If you know the tekst “My heart is a ghost town”, you probably know half of the song. But I still like this song, the tune, the tekst, it stays in my head;-)

Number three in the Top 5 is a little bit like the same category as Ghost town. Simple lyrics, but a nice tune makes “Make me feel better from Alex Adair” good to listen to. It fits perfectly on a nice sunny terrace with more up-tempo lounge music. Ibiza style, at least it feels that way for me. Haha the video is a little bit cheap, don’t watch it listening to this song, it would “kill” the song if you see the video with your first time listening;-)

The next song is also not so fast, but still a dance song. With Intoxicated, Martin Solveig did a good job. Also a song that stays in my head;-). I saw Martin Solveig live as supporting act when I went to Madonna’s concert in Switzerland in 2013, and he did a nice job there. I always thought that he was a dutch guy, but I learned that day he is a French dj. He is a dj who is a little bit longer in “the house” and he is only a little bit younger than I am;-).

And that’s the same with the last dj I selected for the last song of this top 5. Also french and even a little bit older;-). Last year we went to the opening party of David Guetta in the Pacha, Ibiza. What a great show! The song that just came out around that time was “bad”. Ooooowwww I really loved that song. After that his new album hit the charts with the song “Dangerous” as first one of the album. I really can’t decide which song I like more. So I show them both:

Which one do you prefer most?

Greetz Claudia

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