Sunday Smoothie: Papaya banana

Earlier this day I wrote a blogpost for Cakes and Pumps with a Mango Coconut milk smoothie. This smoothie was so good, I really enjoyed that one. But the other smoothie that I choose for Cakes and Pumps today is nothing special. I do like papaya and also banana and orange juice. But combined it wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t so bad that I didn’t drink it, but I don’t think I will make this one again. Read further about this papaya banana smoothie.

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Sunday Smoothie: Tomato mix with pepper

We had a great weekend, on Friday and Saturday night we went to a festival called “Parkfeest Oosterhout”. Most artists on the festival are Dutch. Friday night was with cover bands and as closing act a couple of Dj’s with a 80’s – 90’s program. Yesterday was with Di-rect and Raccoon.You see them on every festival in Holland during summer, but who cares. Music isn’t the most important thing of the festival for me. With this “parkfeest” you always bump into old friends or people you haven’t seen for a while. The other side of a weekend like this is, that most of the time we don’t sleep enough, and during the day I feel my energy levels dive south;-). I can drink some coffee then, but today I combined it with the Smoothie Sunday, but then with a tomato mix . Read more about the energy boost.

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Oatmeal cookies with cheese and basil

A couple of weeks ago Larsman had chicken-pox. One of the tips they gave us was to put him in a bath with oatmeal. We did that trick, but only once. So we had a lot of oatmeal left. The monday after the bath I came home and M. surprised me with oatmeal cookies. He found a recipe on the internet with banana in it. The cookies tasted really nice, the only thing was that they were not crispy.
A week after M. baked the cookies I saw on Instagram that Pauline from uitpaulineskeuken baked these nice oatmeal cookies with cheese. So I asked here if her cookies are crispy, and she said yes, they are. Time to try the recipe,

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Sunday Smoothie: Spinach Pear Banana Celery

Until now I only made fruit smoothies, so I thought it is time to make a green smoothie for Sunday Smoothie, a Spinach Pear Banana Celery Smoothie. Green Smoothies have beside fruit also vegetables. So Green smoothies can give you even more vitamines, fibers and minerals. I also did a search on the internet for a couple of blenders. Read further for the recipe and the blenders.

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Sunday Smoothie: Banana Strawberry

I tasted a lot of smoothies the last couple of weeks, but it didn’t prevented me from getting an awful cold that I have since a few days.
But of course that’s not so strange. Fruit can help you to stay healthy, but it’s not some kind of miracle. But I still like to make smoothies so I definitely will keep the Sunday Smoothie serie.
This time we tested the Banana Strawberry Smoothie for Cakes and Pumps. This Banana Strawberry Smoothie is so easy to make. And the taste is great.

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Sunday Smoothie: Pear raspberry smoothie

Sunday Smoothie time again, this time we have a Pear raspberry smoothie. I always call all the mixes with fruit a smoothie, but since I’m searching for smoothies for my blogs I found out that you have different kind of fruit drinks.

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Sunday Smoothie: Mango Banana Smoothie

Sunday morning is a good day to drink some smoothies. I’m not such a fruit eater. It’s not that I don’t like fruit, but most of the time I just forget to eat it. I always buy our fruit at the supermarket, M. Loves fruit and also Larsman seems to have the genes of his father. They both love mango’s a lot. So for today a Mango Banana smoothie.

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Cupcakes for being a non-smoker for one year

These days it’s almost 2,5 year since I quit smoking. I wrote this post in the first place for Photos for foodies. But I decided to quit my blog Photos for Foodies, because it’s too much work to write for three blogs. It does’t feel right for me if all my blogpost from Photos for foodies will be lost, so I decided to move all the posts to Cakes and Pumps. This is the first post that I move, and happily I’m still a non-smoker. I’m really happy with that, You can read my quit story that I wrote on this blog here
For Photos for foodies I made cupcakes for my colleagues and I want to show you those cupcakes that I made, to celebrate this one-year-non-smoking with my colleagues.
At Bailey lights I have a lot of colleagues who are crazy about food. So next to the talking about lamps, the second important talking is about food.

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Sunday Smoothie: Spinach Avocado Banana Smoothie

I could really use a good smoothie this morning. We went out for dinner last night with good friends. We went to a Japanese-all-you-can-eat-concept restaurant, called Asuka. The concept is simple and you always eat too much (oeps in this way I will never loose that extra kg which is still there from Ibiza;-). But the food is fine. I ate some Sushi, Sashimi and a lot of beef and chicken. The concept is nice because all 4 of us ordered what we like and we shared the different food with each other.
As usual we said to each other that we won’t make it too late this evening. Haha well like all the other times it didn’t work, because after leaving the restaurant, the first thing M. said was: some more drinks in another bar? haha off course we did. So too late in bed, a little bit too much alcohol and you could definitely use this Spinach Avocado banana Smoothie. Read more about te recipe.

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