Cocktail Friday: a Caribbean Blue

Yesssssss it’s Cocktail Friday again, that means the weekend is about to start.
Last Monday we came back from our super vacation in Ibiza with M.’s family. We really had a great time, visited nice places, eating a lot of good food and enjoying a lot of Sangria;-).
Next couple of weeks I will write some blogs about the food hotspots we visited in Ibiza. In the meantime you can read on cakes and Pumps the review that I wrote about the house la Primavera we stayed in. The article was a little bit more work then I expected, so no food blog appeared on Cakes and Pumps this week.
But I try to make it up to you with this nice Blue cocktail, a Caribbean Blue, find the recipe below.

This Caribbean Blue cocktail reminds me of the beautiful blue seas in Ibiza. We visited a lot of different beaches, some to stay a couple of hours and some just checking out. In Ibiza you have a lot of beautiful beaches, so we didn’t want to stay on one beach the whole vacation. Close to the house we stayed in, there was the beach Cala d’Hort with Es Vedra, on the picture you see this beautiful place.

And also close was Cala Vadella (or Cala Vedella, you see both names for the same beach). Both have beautiful white beaches and a nice blue sea, Cala Vadella is also a very child friendly beach.
But back to today’s cocktail.
With the Mai Tai cocktail from last weekend I promised you that this time I will test a cocktail without rum. And I seriously thought that this one didn’t have any rum in it. But Sorry (hahahaha a little bit, because you know me by now, rum in a cocktail = nice;-)), it does have rum. Next to the Blue Curacao, the lemon juice and sugar sirop.

For the Blue curaçao I used the one from Bols

And for the sugar strop I bought this Monin Sirop:

We both never tasted a cocktail with Blue Curacao, but we really like this cocktail. It’s a fresh cocktail, and because you fill it up with Sodawater, it’s not really a strong one. Of course it’s up to your own taste how strong you make it;-)

Happy weekend!

Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. I quit with this Blog, but it didn’t feel good to lose all the recipes, that’s why I copied all the posts to Cakes and Pumps and later to Goodlives. This post is written in 2015 by myself.

The Recipe:

Cocktail Friday: Caribbean Blue

or Cocktail Friday I made a Caribbean Blue this time. A Caribbean Blue is made with Blue Curacao, white rum, sodawater, lemon juice and sugar sirop
Servings 1


  • Cocktail Shaker


  • 1/2 Part Blue Curacao
  • 1 Part White Rum
  • 1/4 Part Sugar sirop
  • Lemon juice
  • Ice-cubes
  • Soda water
  • Lemon part for decoration


  • Mix the Blue curacao with the white rum, the sugar sirop en the Lemon juice.
  • Put the ice-cubes in a glass, and then de mix over de ice-cubes.
  • Fill the rest of the glass with the sodawater.
  • For decoration you can put a lemon part on the glass.
  • Your cocktail is finished, Enjoy!

With Love Claudia

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