Fish restaurant Purunchi Koredor Curacao

The pro of having family on the island is that they take you sometimes to the nicest places and restaurants of the island. Last week the niece of Martin’s mother brought us to some great beaches on the western side of the island. Last Saturday we went with her to a really nice fish restaurant in Willemstad, named Purunchi Koredor.

Purunchi is famous with the local Curacao people. Fisherman bring fresh caught fish tot the small restaurants and fisherman’s places behind the Aqualectra Desalination Plant.

Purunchi lies in the middel of the fisherman’s places and restaurants.

Not all the fisherman’s houses serve food, or are open every day.
The fish is cleaned in the restaurant itself, at the back of the restaurant and prepared in the small kitchen in the front of the restaurant.

The restaurant is really small and only has a few tables. You can sit in front of the restaurant or in the back.
In the back of the restaurant you sit next to the water. Ik liked this place the most and it’s also a little bit cooler than in the front.

Purunchi is a fish restaurant, and that’s the only thing they will serve you. And for what I saw it’s mainly deep fried fish.
You can choose from a lot of different fish, that I didn’t know at all. What I new was the Red Snapper, which you can find every where here on the island.
Because we were with six, we choose a big plate with a lot of different fish. We had the Red Snapper, the Lion fish and the Purunchi. Haha so we didn’t have to ask anymore where the name Purunchi came from;-).

With the plate of fish, we got a delicious salad, white rice, some kind of brown bean sauce and Punchi. Punchi was new for me, it’s some kind pudding made of cornmeal. But I didn’t like it that much.

We liked it a lot at Purunchi. It’s better to make a reservation if you want to have lunch there. I can’t find a telephone number on the internet, so probably it’s best to drive to the restaurant to make a reservation.
You can only eat lunch in the restaurant and they are open from 12 – 16. On Monday they are closed.
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