Cocktail Friday: An Ibiza Reloaded with Licor 43

With this great weather in the Netherlands, I’m enjoying my own garden a lot. It almost feels like I’m in Ibiza with these great temperatures, and I’m more into trying some new cocktails on these hot summer evenings. It’s some time ago already that I made a blogpost about a cocktail. I don’t have a lot of time to write Blogs these days, hihi it’s not that we’re not drinking any cocktails;-). But tonight Martin is in Breda watching a Hockey champignonship with some Japanese guys and the Japanese ambassador, so I picked up my camera to make some cocktail pictures. A cocktail with the name an Ibiza Reloaded.

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Cocktail Friday: A Rum Cola

While I was moving all the Blogs from Photosforfoodies to Cakes and Pumps I noticed that I never wrote a Blog about Rum Cola. And this happens to be the most made cocktail in Suriname, which is the country where my hubby Martin is born and where we have spent almost 6 vacations already. So the choice was made quickly , the first Cocktail Friday Blog for Cakes and Pumps is about Rum Cola, or better a Borgoe Cola, with Surinamese rum.

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Cocktail Friday: a Fresco 43

On Wednesday and Friday I always have my days off, and of course in the weekends, because our company is closed then. I always use my free days to do some refurbishing in the house, working on some creative ideas that I have or shopping the stuff that I need for all those ideas;-). These last two days were shopping days. I try to change some things in our living room and decided that it can use some mustard yellow. Soon I will write some blogs on about what I bought and what I made in this color. But to stay in that yellow color, I wanted to make a Cocktail for this Cocktail Friday with Licor 43, the Fresco 43.

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Cocktail Friday: a Cloud 9

Last weekend was a very busy weekend. We had a company weekend with the team of Bailey Lights, the company I work for. On Friday I was so busy with packing and buying the last stuff for the weekend, that I didn’t had time to write and publish the cocktail for Cocktail Friday, for this time the Cloud 9. Bailey has her 30th year anniversary this year, so for that we stayed from Friday until Sunday in the Belgium Ardennes. And of course I made a Mojito there for my colleagues;-)

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Cocktail Friday: a Margarita

For a couple of weeks I thought about making something with tequila, but every time I got an idea for a cocktail without Tequila. So this week I bought a bottle of tequila to finally make a cocktail with it. And then I read on Instagram that it’s World tequila day today on this 24th of October. What a coincidence;-). But what should I make with the Tequila? For the first Tequila cocktail I start with the most famous Tequila cocktail, the Margarita.

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Cocktail Friday: a Caipirinha

Almost everyone who has been to Brazil for vacation or a business trip knows what a Caipirinha is. I think they make this cocktail in every bar in Brasil and also at home. I only visited a part in the North of Brasil, which looked a lot like Suriname. So I loved it immediately, because we are also crazy about Suriname. And I drunk the cocktail a lot in Brasil.

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Cocktail Friday: a Blue Hawaiian

I still don’t have a lot of time to make blogpost, because of working on the house. But I try to keep up with the Cocktail Friday. Just because this cocktail Friday gives such a nice start of the weekend;-). For the Cocktail Friday this week, I made a Blue hawaiian. Read more about this cocktail:

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Cocktail Friday: a Strawberry Daiquiri

When we are talking about the Cocktail Friday at work, one of my colleagues always tells me that she drunk some Strawberry daiquiris on a vacation in Mexico. She really liked it a lot. So I thought I should really try this Strawberry Daiquiri for this Cocktail Friday.

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Cocktail Friday: a White Russian

This week I have been painting in the house a lot, so not much posting on Cakes and Pumps. But I didn’t want to let the Cocktail Friday go, so picked this nice little cocktail called white Russian. I already did a cocktail with Wodka (the Cosmopolitan), so I don’t have to buy a new liquor to make this cocktail. And I drink the Kahlua also pure, so the bottle was in the pocket too;-). Piece of cake then this cocktail;-) See more about the White Russian.

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Cocktail Friday: a Gin Tonic with Hendrick’s Gin

Yesterday we were at a sponsor drink from the Wold Port tournament in Rotterdam. The WPT is a baseball event in July, and since M. is a big baseball fan, and also sponsors the event, we were invited for the drinks, bbq and the baseball game. When we arrived, we got a Gin Tonic as welcome drink, a G&T mojito style. I made a picture of it for Cakes and Pumps, for the #100daysof_summer on instagram that I joined. And one of the comments was if it was a Hendrick’s Gin. I honestly didn’t know and never drunk that special Gin. But by coincident I ordered that Gin last week. So I knew right away that would be the cocktail for Cocktail Friday. Read further for the Gin cocktail.

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