A Gin Tonic with Bobby’s gin for Cocktail Friday

So it’s a long time since I wrote a blogpost for Cocktail Friday. The last post for Cocktail Friday was in Suriname, a Rum Cola. Time to try a new cocktail. And since it’s friday today, and I was up for a little cocktail, I tried a Gin Tonic.

Some time ago we were having dinner at ‘t Weeshuys in Geertruidenberg and we drank this delicious cocktail with Bobby’s gin for the first time. If we go out, I love to try new Gin’s, because you don’t have to buy a whole bottle at once and I can get some inspiration for decorating my G&T’s. With this Gin we were both so enthusiastic, that I bought the ingredients immediately online when I got home.

Bobby’s dry Gin
The Gin in this Gin Tonic is the Bobby’s gin, this gin is a Dutch gin and is distilled in Schiedam.
Bobby’s gin is named after the grandfather of one of the makers of the gin, Sebastiaan. Grandpa Bobby came in 1950 from Indonesia to the Netherlands, where he tasted the Dutch Jenever for the first time. Soon he started to add herbs and spices from his home country Indonesia to get more the feeling from home. The grandson Sebastiaan found in 2012 a bottle of his Grandpa’s jenever in the house of his mother. Together with master distiller Herman Jansen he worked for two years on the concept before the Bobby’s gin was born.

In the recipe of the gin you can find herbs like lemongrass, cloves, coriander, pepper, cinnamon, juniper, rose hips and fennel. The bottle of the gin is a beautiful long, grey brownish bottle with an Ikat print, a traditional Indonesian pattern.
They export the gin these days to a lot of other countries, we even found it during our vacation in Curacao, which we liked a lot of course;-)

The Tonic
Delicious with this Gin is the Mediterranean Tonic from Fever tree. This tonic has a tone of rosemary with citrus and flower tones, which gives it a spicy taste. Just a little bit different than the ordinary tonic. Tip: The little bottles of 200 ml are a little too much for 1 G&t and not enough for 2 G&T’s. At Albert Heijn they sell these days the Mediterranean tonic also in 500 ml bottles. Just a little easier.

The garnish
For the garnish I use a slice of orange in which I put three cloves. If you put the cloves a little sidewards into the orange part then they stay into the orange when you put it into the glass.

The Recipe
Fill a big Gin tonic glass with a lot of Ice cubes. Pour around 60 ml of Bobby’s gin into the glass and then fill it with around 150 ml of Fever tree mediterranean tonic.
Put the orange part with the cloves like I wrote above into the mix and the Gin tonic is ready!

Enjoy this delicious cocktail for Cocktail Friday and feel free to let me know in the comments what you think about it.
I will enjoy the first party for 2018 of the company I work for this evening. See if they also serve nice G&t’s.
Happy Weekend!

Greetz Claudia

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