Knitting a nice warm plaid (#DIY)

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I’m always working on thousands of projects at the same time and when something is (almost) finished, I already have ten other things in my head that seems to be nice to make or do. Do you also have that? Really nice to have all the ideas, but it’s also good to finish things. So busy to make some order in this chaos at home;-). It only didn’t hold me back to start this little project, a nice warm plaid to knit.
I had this idea for a while to make a nice warm plaid with a cable and preferable one that’s  made with thick yarn, so minimal thickness 8 of the needles. And the wool must be a little bit mixed with beige and cream colored. And I din’t want to spend a lot of money on it.  Yarn is very expensive these days and for a plaid of 130 x 180 cm I expected that I needed around 1700 – 2000 grams of Yarn.

The yarn for the knitted plaid with cable on
But two weeks ago I suddenly found this beautiful yarn from Zeeman, de Marl wool. 100 gram per ball of wool, made of 50% Acryl and 50% Wol. Color 70 and only 2,99 per ball. I bought immediately 20 balls of the wool (at several different Zeeman stores here in the neighborhood), thought about a pattern and started knitting the plaid. The plaid is not finished at all, I’m at 75 cm’s, but I’m so enthusiastic that I really wanted to share the pattern with you.

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I’m using a circular needle size 9 from Addi, length 120 cm. I bought it at Hobbydoos. On the yarn it says suitable for needles 7-8, but I like it when the plaid is knitted a little bit more loose. My circular needle has a little bit of a strange twist, so I have to turn it sometimes, but all the stitches fit easily on the needle.
The pattern is derived from a pattern for a plaid from Drops. you can find it here.
The wool they use is much thicker and for me it was a little bit strange to increase stitches in the middle of the plaid. It looked very strange with a lot of holes in the plaid. So I changed the pattern a little bit.

– Circular needle size 9, length 120 – 150 cm from Addi
– Wool, if you use the same wool as I do, then I think you need around 17 balls for a blanket of around 140-200 cm (see story above for the wool that I use).
– Cable needle, I could only find a small one in the house size 4, but it seems no problem with. making the cables.

Pattern of the plaid
I started to cast on 152 stitches on the circular needle. After that I knitted 6 rows in Garter Stitch.
Then I started Kitting the pattern with the following stitches:
(k=knit, p = purl gs = Garter stitch, M1 en M2 are both knit stitches you use to make the cable).
3gs 2k 2p 2k 4pv 6M1 4p 2k 4p 2k 4pv 6M1 4p 6M2 4p 2k 4pv 2k 4p 6M1 4pv 6M2 4p 2k 4p 2k 4p 6M1 4p 6M2 4p 2k 4p 2kr 4pv 6M2 4pv 2k 4p 2k 3gs

close-up knitted cable plaid on

After that you go further with the pattern and you repeat the 10 needles of the pattern M1 and M2.
Be careful!!! The first needle that you knit (first needle from the pattern) is on the wrong side of the patter. So in the patterns M1 and M2 you have to knit a purl stitch.
Knitting pattern for cables of the cable plaid on

Explanation of the Chart
Uitleg van het kabel breipatroon

Knitting cables is not so difficult, you only have to hold the stitches a little bit in an uneasy way while making the cable. And you have to count very well. If you have never knitted a cable then this video gives a good explanation. You can find it here .

knitted plaid with cable on the couch on
I will knit a little bit further on my plaid. When it’s finished I will show a picture of it here on the blog or on my Instagram account. But I like it a lot to see the results of your plaids, so if you want you can leave a message under the article or tag me on Instagram, Facebook etc. so I can see the results.

Knitting a plaid with a cable pattern on

 kisses Claudia

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