Knitting a beige cable blanket (DIY)

Beige DIY knitted cable plaid on wooden box IG

With spring coming in a few weeks, there will be lovely days to sit outside. In the beginning it will be a little bit cold in the evenings, so a nice blanket will give you some warmth. With this in my mind, I started knitting a lovely cable blanket.

Beige DIY knitted cable blanket on wooden box
A lot of people think that knitting a cable blanket is difficult, but I think it’s not. I made a pattern like this one before. I changed the pattern a little bit and used different yarn. What I liked about this yarn is that one of the yarn species that I used has a little bit of dark spots on it, so you get a little tweed effect.
The level of the cable blanket is: Easy.
Beige tweed knitted cable plaid Goodlives

What do you need:
Circular needle size 15 mm, 150 cm lang
Thick cable needle
7 balls beige tweed yarn, 100 gr 163 meter (Zeeman)
5 balls beige Royal yarn, 100 gram 241 meter (Zeeman)
5 balls cream colored Royal yarn, 100 gram 241 meter (Zeeman)
Beige cable blanket DIY, the wool goodlives

How to knit:
1. Cast on 105 stitches with the three different yarns at the same time on the circular needle size 15 mm.
2. Knit 5 needles in seed stitch. For the seed stitch you knit 1 knit and 1 purl. In the next needle you knit above every knit stitch a purl stitch and above a purl stitch you knit a knit stitch. The next needle it turns again.
Closeup beige DIY cable plaid with seed stitch band
3. At needle 5 the cable pattern starts. You knit the following pattern: (k=knit, p = purl):
5 seed stitches, then 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k 2p 6k 2p 2k 1p 2k and you end the needle with 5 seed stitches. For the 5 seed sticks at the beginning and the end you follow the pattern what you already started with the first 5 needles.
4. You knit the next needles in the stichten how the show up, so knit above knit and purl above purl. Except for the seed stitches, they will stay seed stitches.
5. At the 10th needle you will start with the first cables. The cables will come on every part where there are 6 knit stitches on the good side of your work. To knit a cable, you first put 3 of the 6 stitches on a cable needle. You keep the cable needle in front of your work. The next 3 stitches are knitted in knit stitch, then you knit the 3 stitches which are on the cable needle also in knit stitch. Then knit further and with the next 6 knit stitches that you see you repeat what I wrote before. In total you have to knit 6 cables.
Knitting cables, stitches on a cable needle in front of your work
Knitting cables, knitting the stitches which are on the cable needle
Knitting cables, all stitches on the needle are knitted
Knitting cables, result cable
6. The next needles are knitted like described at point 4.
7. At every 10th needle you make the cables, so you do this at needle 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 and 160.
8. After needle 160 you knit 4 needles as described at point 4.
9. Next you knit 4 needles in seed stitch.
10. The last needle is also in need stitch, but you finish your work at the same time. You call this bind off or cast off. In this video you can see how to do this.
Closeup DIY beige cable plaid goodlives
Beige DIY plaid goodlives on the couch

And the last job is to get rid of all the lose ends, my favorite work;-).
Let spring start with good evenings to sit in the garden.
I’m very curious for you plaids and blankets, so if you tag you plaid on Instagram or Facebook with the tag: #goodlivesdiyplaids then I can see your plaids and blankets.
Beige cable plaid DIY in living room, goodlives


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