Easter: DIY bowl with easter bunny for the little easter eggs

Easter bowl with bunny and easter eggs Close-up, goodlives.nl

Are you also enjoying the second easter day? Or don’t you have a second easter day? I love it that extra day. For us it’s more an extra vacation day, so we can work in the house or go outside if the weather is good. And of course we eat too much, for example all the chocolate eggs in this small bowl ;-). No just kidding, they’re not finished yet. Since it’s already second easter day it’s a little bit late for an easter DIY, but I still wanted to share it with you. Otherwise I have to wait a year and you can also use the idea for other opportunities. With other dolls, animals or statues you can give it a complete other look and feeling.

Easter bowl with bunny and eggs into the DIY bowl, goodlives.nl

It took me a little it more time to make this DIY. Not that the painting cost so much time, but I couldn’t find a stone easter bunny in the shops that was small enough for my bowl. I saw the idea for this nice easter bowl on Instagram at Minkesthuis. I like it a lot, it’s a simple DIY with great results. So I started my search for materials. I found it all, except the stone easter bunny. Finally I found a plastic lamp bunny on my attic which had the good size for my bowl. Only I can’t remember where I bought it. I removed the batteries, haha it wouldn’t be nice if the lamp would go on by accident with the lamp glued into bowl and I just can’t touch the switch anymore.

What do you need
– A Bowl, I bought one made of bamboo
– Easter bunny, for example made of stone, plastic or wood
– Primer (universal)
– Matte paint (for example chalk paint or the Wood & Wall from Gamma)
– Glue
Easter bunny bowl, what do you need for the DIY goodlives.nl
The color that I used is Gentle Green, it’s a little bit of a greyish green color.

Easter table with chocolate eggs in DIY bowl, goodlives.nl

You have to start painting first.
I started with glueing the easter bunny into the bowl, but when the bunny was glued into the bowl I realised that painting would become a little bit difficult this way.
Easter bunny glued into the bowl, DIY goodlives.nl
So got the easter bunny out of the bowl fast and put it on a piece of paper, so it wouldn’t stick to the newspaper under it.

With the first step you primer the bunny and the bowl seperately. I used universal primer on waterbase from Histor. You can use this on plastics, metal, wood and stone and is drying very fast. After half an hour it was already dry.
Easter bunny and bowl painted with primer, DIY goodlives.nl

Then I painted two layers with the Wood & Wall paint from the Gamma on the bunny and the bowl. On the package it says you have to wait 6 hours to give it a second layer. But that’s not what I did, after 4 hours it was dry enough for me, so I painted the second layer. It’s not a bowl that I will use a lot, so no perfect layers needed.
Bowl and easter bunny first layer of paint, DIY goodlives.nl
After painting you glue the easter bunny in the middle of the bowl.
With searching a easter bunny on my attic, I also found some easter decoration that I bought during my study time. It was very colorful and must be at least 20 years old. So I painted it in the same way as the bowl and the bunny. It’s now shining on our easter table again after 20 years, together with the Black and white eggs from my other Blogpost.

Easter table 2018 Goodlives with several DIY projects

Happy easter days for now, we eat a little bit more. Delicious white asparagus for dinner.


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