Simple Summer Salad

Barbecue season is open for a couple of months now, but the weather here in Holland wasn’t so nice. So we only used our bbq twice or so.
But the last few days Summer really started and what is better then to eat outside in your garden or on your balcony. And preferable with easy to make recipes which only cost you some minutes to make.
This Summer salad is one of those easy recipes, easy to make, with easy to buy ingredients.

You only need:
– One Cucumber
– 200 – 250 gr of Cherry tomatoes
– 150 gr of feta Cheese.

Slice the cucumber in small pieces, and do the same with the tomatoes.
For the Feta: I mostly use Feta made of cow milk, and I buy a slice of Feta cheese instead of ready made cheese cubes. I like the taste of a slice a little bit more than the ready made cheese cubes in a freshly made summer salad.
If you also use a slice of cheese, then cut it into pieces. Otherwise you just get around 150 gr. out of the jar with cheese cubes;-)

Put everything in a bowl, mix it and your easy summer salad is ready. I never use spices or dressings in it. The cheese is salt from itself, and I like the pure taste of the cucumber and tomatoes.

Greetz Claudia

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