Cocktail Friday: a Caipirinha

Almost everyone who has been to Brazil for vacation or a business trip knows what a Caipirinha is. I think they make this cocktail in every bar in Brasil and also at home. I only visited a part in the North of Brasil, which looked a lot like Suriname. So I loved it immediately, because we are also crazy about Suriname. And I drunk the cocktail a lot in Brasil.

Only at the end I felt that my stomach started to hurt a little bit. I think because the cocktail is quite sour with the lemons which are squeezed a lot. But we pre-tested this drink yesterday and it still tastes good. In my dreams it felt like this again:

A Caipirinha is made with Cachaça. Cachaça is just like rum, made from sugar cane. The difference is that Cachaça is made with freshly pressed sugarcane juice and that rum is made from Sugar cane juice and from Molasses, which is a side product of the sugar cane production. The Cachaça will have a little more flavor of the sugar cane than the rum. But we tested only the Caipirinha with Cachaça. you can also make it with rum, but they call it a caipiríssima. Since I like rum a lot I will taste this one too one time, and at the same time the one with Cachaça. After that I will tell you the difference (if I will find one).
For a Caipirinha, you mostly use the white Cachaça, this Cachaça is immediately bottled. You also have the brown version, which has been laying a longer time, and you can drink this pure. For me this is the same with most rums. I use the white rums for cocktail and if I want to drink it pure, I take an older brown one.

Caipirinha comes from the word, Caipira, which is not a real nice name for the poor farmer people from Brazil. It is said to be made for the Spanish flu, with lime, garlic and honey in 1918 in Sao Paulo (Wikipedia). After some time the recipe changed from garlic and honey to Sugar and Lemon. It sounds like a strange story to me, a drink with Garlic (although I like garlic a lot in other foods), so I can imagine they took that away.
A caipirinha is a great cocktail, only I have to be careful with the lemon for not getting any stomach problems, I didn’t squeezed the lemons in my cocktail too long with the muddler, and it still tasted good. So if you have stomach problems too, just be careful!

Edit: This is a post from my old Blog Photos for foodies. I quit with this Blog, but it didn’t feel good to lose all the recipes, that’s why I copied all the posts to Cakes and Pumps and later to Goodlives. This post is written in 2015 by myself.

The Recipe:

Cocktail Friday: a Caipirinha

The most famous cocktail from Brasil for Cocktail Friday, the Caipirinha. With Cachaca, sugar cane and lemon.
Servings 1


  • 50 ml cachaça
  • 2 tbsp Cane sugar
  • Lemon
  • Crushed ice
  • Slice of lemon for decoration


  • First wash the lemon and roll it a little bit to loosen the juice. Cut the lemon into 4 parts and put them into a glass.
  • Add the cane sugar over the lemon and crush the pieces and the sugar with a muddler. Not too much otherwise it will be much too sour.
  • Now put the crushed ice into the glass until the glass is full.
  • You pour the cachaça over the crushed ice and stirr everything into a mix.
  • For decoration put a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass.

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