Cocktail Friday: a Fresco 43

On Wednesday and Friday I always have my days off, and of course in the weekends, because our company is closed then. I always use my free days to do some refurbishing in the house, working on some creative ideas that I have or shopping the stuff that I need for all those ideas;-). These last two days were shopping days. I try to change some things in our living room and decided that it can use some mustard yellow. Soon I will write some blogs on about what I bought and what I made in this color. But to stay in that yellow color, I wanted to make a Cocktail for this Cocktail Friday with Licor 43, the Fresco 43.

Licor 43 is a sweet liquor made with 43 essences of which vanille extract is the most predominant smell and maybe even taste. After some searching I found the Fresco 43 on the Licor 43 site, so this is the cocktail that will be the drink on this weeks Cocktail Friday.
Licor 43 is first made at the beginning of the 20th century by Diego, Angel and Josefina Zamora and their brother-in-law/husband Emilo Restoy Godoy. They say they restored a 2000 year old recipe from the Romans. The strange thing with this is that I read in one of my cocktail books, that vanilla has only been discovered in the 16th century, which is not really 2000 years ago-;). It’s possible that they added this flavor to the recipe, but I think the whole Roman story is just for publicity.
In the fifties the drink became popular in Spain and in the sixties they started exporting it to other countries.
I started drinking Licor 43 a couple of years ago, after dinner in a restaurant. And I liked it immediately.

I first tried the recipe of the Licor 43 site, but instead of using brown sugar I used Cane Sugar. And they use 15 ml of Green tea, I used 40 ml.
The only thing is that you really need a lot of crushed Ice. So the second time I made this Fresco 43 cocktail, I changed the way I used the ice, using normal ice cubes and shaking the mix in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
If you also use a spoon in the glass, you can eat the orange parts when you finished your cocktail. Yummie;-)

I must say we really like this Cocktail, it went straight in our top ten cocktails from this moment. Do you like it too? Post your pictures on Instagram with #cakesandpumps.

The Recipe:

Cocktail Friday: a Fresco 43

For the yellow cocktail that I wanted to drink today I choose a Fresco 43, made with Licor 43. But not with crushed ice, only normal Icecubes.
Servings 1


  • Muddler
  • Shaker


  • 40 ml Licor 43
  • 40 ml Green tea
  • Lemon Juice Half a lemon
  • 1 tbsp Cane Sugar
  • 5 orange parts
  • 7-8 Ice-cubes
  • Orange part for decoration


  • Take a Mojito style glass and put the orange parts in it. Over the Orange parts you put the Cane Sugar.
  • Squeeze the Orange parts and the sugar with a muddler.
  • Make fresh green tea, maybe a little bit stronger than you’re used to.
  • Fill the glass with Ice cubes and put a couple of Ice cubes in the Shaker.
  • Put the Licor 43, the Green tea and the lemon juice in the Shaker and shake it with the icecubes.
  • Poor de the mix into the glass, over the ice and use an orange part for decoration.
  • Your cocktail is finished, Enjoy!

Greetz Claudia

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