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Last week I bought this super cool cushion cover at Howaboutfrankie. I like it a lot when people sell nice, handmade stuff. Specially the little shops appeal to me because they have unique pieces, like with these handmade cushion covers from Howaboutfrankie.

Pillow Howaboutfrankie on chair ,
Edit: Unfortunately Howaboutfrankie decided to quit selling pillows

Howaboutfrankie is the company of Mirelle. I’ve never met her in real life, but came on her site through her Instagram account. I liked her cushions immediately, she uses a lot of light colors like mint green, yellow (ocher), white, pink but also black. Ocher is a color that sneaked into our house the last few months;-). So the cushion cover came on my wish list.
Last week I finally ordered one for myself and looked around on the site of  Howaboutfrankie a little  bit more. On her site I read that Mirelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in april 2014. Her treatment was difficult and she quitted with the chemo after a while. I had to think about it a lot for a couple of days. My own armpit and breast on the left hurted a lot for some time now. Three weeks ago I went to my doctor and had a mammography and an echo in the hospital. Happily for me, everything was ok. But when I read the story of Mirelle, I realized how easily things can turn to the wrong side.
The breast cancer made Mirelle sell her old company and to start Howaboutfrankie in december 2015, she says: ” to make products that make her feel alive and were she can be proud of”. Out of her illness came something beautiful.

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I bought this cushion because it fits good with the other colors in our home, but on the site are much more colors. And next to that, you can also order a custom-made cushion.

The cushions are made very well, from wool felt. On the back of the cushion, Mirelle uses vintage buttons. So go go go go, to take a good look at her website! .

Pillow Howaboutfrankie on couch,
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 kisses Claudia

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