DIY: Easy cream colored crocheted blanket to make

Crocheted plaid over chairIG, free pattern of plaid on

Last week I finished another plaid, this time a cream colored crocheted blanket. I’m very happy with the result and it fits on a lot of places in my house. Maybe you also want to make a blanket like this yourself, it’s not difficult to make at all.

crèmekleurig gehaakt kleed over stoel

For the plaid I used 13 balls of Julia Wool from Zeeman (Dutch shop), for 1,99 per ball. Unfortunately this colour of the wool is not available at this time and online you can’t buy the wool at all. But in the Zeeman shops they do have some colors in pastels like light blue, light green, light grey, pink salmon and a light brown-beige color. But maybe the cream color will be back in the assortment. The yarn exists for 80% of Acrylic and 20% of wool. The yarn is 100 gram, which is 170 metres. The size of the Crochet hook is 7-8.
I choose a crochet Hook size 9. I like it better when the project is crocheted a little bit loose, the plaid will feel more smoother.

Cream colored crocheted plaid on bench in hallway, free pattern on

How to crochet?
I reed a lot on Instagram that people say they can’t crochet. That’s too bad, because crocheting is not difficult at all. I learned it from one of my grandma’s when I was around 7 years old. I was crocheting clothes for my Monchichi ( a little monkey that was a popular toy a long time ago;-)). If you want to learn it, you should try it with a little video about crochet, like the ones I will show you below. Or even better, find someone who can teach it to you live.

For a plaid, you first start by making a chain. I try to make the Chain stitch very  loosely . The chain is in my work most of the time to tight and that doesn’t make a nice plaid, because it will look smaller on the side where you started.

Here you can see how to make a Chain:

At the next row, you use a double crochet (treble crochet). Here you can see how to do it:

Cream colored crocheted plaid, free pattern on

The Plaid
The size of the plaid is 150 x 200 cm. You have to crochet a chain of 125 stitches in Chain stitch. After that you make 3 chain stitches extra and then you turn your work around.
The next rows are with double crochets (treble crochets). The first double crochet starts in the fourth chain stitch.
At the end of the row, I make two double crochets in the last stitch of the row and after that I make two chain stitches.  Then I turn my work and make the first double crochet in the second stitch of the last row. So basically you skip a stitch.
In another descripton that I found in an article of Prym they made three chain stitches. I have never done this, but maybe this is also great.
When I need new yarn, I just tie the new yarn to the other with a knot. I will ensure to have enough rope left  at the knot so I can easily work the ends into the plaid later.

In total I made 112 rows with double crochets to make the plaid measuring 200 cm. Finishing the plaid is easy, just cut the rope and put it through the loop, so you will get a little knot.
Finally put all the loos ends into you work. I try to do this immediately while working on my plaid, because that’s the least fun part of making a plaid for me :-).
I would love to see pictures of you own crocheted blankets!
Cream colored crocheted plaid in hallway, free pattern on

Cream colored crocheted plaid on chair on
Cream Colored crocheted plaid over jarpen chair, free pattern on
Cream colored plaid in hallway with Larsman,

 Greetz Claudia

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Crocheted plaid over chairIG, free pattern of plaid on
close-up cream colored crocheted plaid, free pattern on
Crocheted plaid with cushion next to it as contrast, free pattern of plaid on
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