Part 1 Sophies Universe

Now it’s really happening, I started the Sophies Universe part 1. Every week from now on, I will try to finish a part of my Sophie and make a Blogpost about it. In the first post I already showed you the colors that I will use for my Sophie from the Softmix yarn of ByClaire. In the next Blogs I will show you the colors that I use per round.

For the first part I have used the following colors:
Round 1: 002 Ivory
Round 2: 022 Vintagemint
Round 3: 017 Vintage Blue
Round 4: 018 Denim
Round 5: 002 Ivory
Round 6: 002 Ivory
Round 7: 002 Ivory
Round 8: 002 Ivory

I will use the book and the Dutch translation at the same time, to avoid making mistakes because of a misunderstanding of the English crochet language. And of course I can do it with the Dutch translation alone, but I love books and this one looks great with all the pictures.

In the first part of the book a lot of information is given about the different stitches that are used in Sophie’s Universe. I read it all and some things seemed a little bit difficult. But I think it will become clear when I start using all the stitches.

For the first part I started with the 5,5 mm hook from Clover Amour , this is the smallest of the 2 hooks that I will use for my Sophie. The book says to use a smaller hook for the first three parts.

There are a lot of abbreviations that are used in the book. In the Dutch translation of this Blogpost, I searched for the Dutch words. But since you probably don’t read Dutch I will only give you the English ones, which are used in the book.
ch = chainstitch
sl st = slipstitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = Double crochet
st = stitch
tr = treble crochet
dtr = Double treble crochet
ttr = triple treble crochet
FPsc = Front Post single crochet
BPsc = Back Post single crochet
FPdc = Front Post double crochet
BPdc = Back Post double crochet
HFPdc = Front Post half double crochet
HBPdc = Back Post half double crochet
FPtr = Front Post treble crochet
BPtr = Back Post treble crochet
FPdtr = Front Post double treble crochet
corner space
FLO = Front loop only
BLO = Back loop only

Standing sc
Standing dc
Standing hdc

With the start of the second color in round 2 I already learned somthing new, starting with a standing sc. Explained very clearly on the site, so my second color, the Vintage mint was crocheted very fast on round two.

In round 3 there was also something new, with a Front Post single crochet, also something that I never did before.

After 4 rounds my work is not flat anymore, but according to the book this is normal. Let’s see how this will look after a couple of rounds more.

In round 5 I make Front back single crochets and double crochets for the first time. It seems a little bit strange at first sight, but working with the stitches it’s easy to do. The images in Dutch and in the book made it an easy job. So 3 rounds more and then the first part of Sophie is finished.

The last three rounds are a piece of cake with the description and the images. Luckily the total count of the stitches at the end is right in my work.
Even in part 1 there are already a lot of loose ends, so I decided to get rid of them at the end of every part of Sophie. And maybe even after every single round. That’s really not my favorite part of crocheting or knitting, but it has to be done.
The first part is now 22 cm, I think it will be a big blanket. I read that you have to take the size of your first part and multiply it by 10. My Sophie will be more dan 220 cm x 220 cm then. But I already expected it, because the size of my yarn is thicker than the thickest yarn in the book. And I used bigger hooks than the ones in the book.

The amount of yarn that I used until part 1 is this:

Now on my way to part 2.

With Love Claudia

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