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Alternatieve kerstkrans DIYIG

Every year I try to make a new DIY for Christmas (see here for an overview of my Christmas DIY projects)
Last year I made this alternative Christmas wreath to hang on a door. Unfortunately I didn’t make pictures during the DIY, but I can tell you what I did to make the wreath.

Alternative Christmas wreath DIY on with wooden boxes and Christmas decorations

Materials for the Christmas wreath:
– 12 round wooden boxes of 8 mm
– 12 round wooden boxes of 5 mm
– Mounting kit or other thick, strong glue
– Red ribbon, around 100 cm lang, size 2,5 cm
– 6 red and 6 white bells
– 12 Christmas decorations with a maximum height of 7,5 cm
– Wood drill of 10 mm

At Xenos I bought 12 round wooden boxes with a diameter of 8 cm and 12 boxes with a diameter of 5 cm. I’m not sure if they still sell them, I couldn’t find them on there site. But they look like this: (price can be different, this picture is from 2014:
Boxes for alternative Christmas wreath, DIY on
I didn’t use the lid of the boxes, only the box itself.

One side of the alternative Christmas wreath on
Down side alternative Christmas wreath on

First I layed down the 12 bigger boxes against each other, so they have the form of a circle. I just moved and moved until I was satisfied with the circle. Then I made a mark on the boxes with a pencil where the boxes touched each other.
The next step was to fix the boxes on each other with the mounting kit. I have put some mounting kit on the marks and then put the boxes on the marks against each others. The nice thing about mounting kit is, that it’s not dry immediately and that you can move the boxes a little bit until your perfect circle is back. The form of the Christmas wreath is there. Leave the circle for a while, until the mounting kit is dry. Now you start glueing the little boxes on the outside of the bigger boxes. Check very carefully where the boxes touch each other and then put some mounting kit on those spots.
I let the complete wreath dry for a couple of days.

Right side alternative Christmas wreath on

After all the glue was dry I drilled a hole in the boxe on the upper side with a wood drill of 10 mm.
I folded the red ribbon in half and pushed the ends of the ribbon through the hole. I pulled the red ribbon into the box, so you get a big loop above the box from around 32 cm. I made a knot inside the box and after that also a bow. I cut the long ends away.
You can hang the wreath now with a pushpin on your door.
Upside of alternative Christmas wreath on
When I hang the wreath on the door, I started filling it with Christmas decorations. I haven’t found all the decorations yet, so it was a project of multiple days. It’s easier to see what’s nice if it hangs on the door, and also the glueing of the decorations is easier when the wreath hangs. In the outside boxes I put the bells, also with mounting kit. Alternately putting a white and a red bell into the boxes.
Most of the decorations are from Dille & kamille, Intratuin and Action Nederland. It’s better to glue them all in the boxes, otherwise they will fall out if you open or close the door;-)
Wishing you a lot of fun with making the alternative Christmas wreath, and if you have questions, you can write them down below.
Alternative Christmas wreath with nice dolls and bells on


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