DIY: Little car with Christmas tree on the roof (Actionhack #01)

DIY little car with Christmas tree on roof on

Sinterklaas is out of the country, so Sunday I moved all the Sint decorations to our attic and started the search for our Christmas decorations. We haven’t bought the tree yet, we want to buy one in our little village. I really love the period right before Christmas and Christmas itself. All the beautiful lights, the Christmas trees in different sizes and Christmas decorations. But what Ilike the most is making my own DIY Christmas decorations. Every year I try to make something new for our Christmas collection, an overview of the Christmas DIY projects that I made for this Blog can you find here. For this year the first project is already finished, a little car with a Christmas tree on the roof. You see them a lot on Instagram, but I still like them. And they are very easy to make.

DIY cars from Action Nederland with Christmas tree on roof on

The cars for the DIY Car with Christmas tree on
The last couple of weeks I bought a nice little car every time I visited Action Nederland, for only 2,79 and one week even for 1,99. Often they only had a few, but there was always one that I liked. You can also buy the cars at a toy store, but I guess the price is a lot higher, I think around 6 euro.
Box from the car for the DIY car with Christmas tree on

Every time when I found a new car, I also bought a little Christmas tree at Action Nederland. I even bought a bigger one, for a nice VW surf bus that I saw at Trekpleister. Unfortunately it was sold out when I went back to the store to buy it, so I can’t show you a picture. Maybe next year.
The trees for the DIY Christmas car on
In the beginning I couldn’t find the white and red rope in our village, but right before I wanted to order it through the internet, I found it at Albert Heijn. Red with white baker rope, just what I was searching for.
The rope for the DIY car with Christmas tree on roof on

After that it was easy, cutting a long piece of the rope, holding the tree on the roof of the car and winding the rope around the tree and the car. A little knot and then a bow on top of the tree. I tried to knot the rope under the car, but that didn’t look so nice. Oh and at the end when everything was tied together, I saw the barcodes under the wood of the tree, so had to remove them. It looks much better without the barcodes;-).

It’s really a nice DIY project. I don’t know who originally figured it out, so unfortunately I can’t credit anyone for it.
DIY little car with Christmas tree on roof on

And some more pictures with my cars between the other Christmas decorations:
Christmas decorations with car and tree on it's roof on
Car with Christmas tree on roof (DIY) on


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