My paintings from the past

In 2012 en 2013 I painted a few paintings, after years of doing nothing. A couple of paintings were hanging on the wall, waiting to be finished. It all started when I wanted to make a painting for the babyroom. One year before I had an idea to make a fantasy dragon for in our hall. I designed it, started painting with blue, but then I changed my mind about the color of our hallway. My original idea was to paint the hallway pink, which wasn’t exactly M.’s favourite color. So finally I changed my mind and painted the walls in Bluegrey . The only problem was that the painting I was working on, wouldn’t fit into that new color scheme, so the painting moved unfinished to the attic. But when I found out that I was pregnant with a boy, it all made sense and I finished the painting.

When the fanantasy dragon was finished, I thought it would be nice to finish some unfinished paintings, like this one:

And this one:

It was 2013, and the baby was not there yet, so I started with a new painting. When I look at those paintings now, I’m surprised that I used so many bright colors. I suffered from Prenatal depression in those last months, so you would think that I would have used some more depressing colors. But maybe these colors kept me on track, I don’t know, but I still like the colors. I tried to finish it before our baby was born, but didn’t succeed for the last small part. But I finished that as soon I was up and running after Larsman was born;-)

The last painting I made in 2013, was this one. I made it from a carton box, in which one of our cats made some bite holes. So I ruined the box further, with every step that you see in the painting, the top layer is destroyed a little bit more and in de last step you only see the under layer material.
The painting hangs on one of our kitchen walls now.

For the time being, because I started working on a new one for our kitchen……..

With Love Claudia

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