Hot Spot: The Harbour Club Ibiza

Edit: Unfortunately The Harbour Club Ibiza is closed since Summer 2016. Their sister club next to the Harbour club is still open, but we haven’t been there yet

Two years ago, our first time to Ibiza, I received a list with hotspots from one of my colleagues, Lilly. She is a regular visitor of Ibiza and she nows a lot of nice hotspots on Ibiza. Always nice to have such colleagues;-).
One of the hotspots on the list was the Harbour Club Ibiza. She told us that they just opened and that the son of one of her friends was the new manager there. We had a busy time on the island, saw a lot of nice places, and vacation was almost over. So on one of the last days I said to M. that there was a hotspot left on the list of Lilly that I wanted to visit for dinner. The Harbour Club Ibiza is one of the restaurants of the Harbour Club group. Read more about this hotspot.

So we called to make reservations and visited the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised about the atmosphere, the food and the kindness of the people. This was a place to come back! So last year and this year’s vacation we also paid the Harbour Club Ibiza a visit. Last year for Dinner and this year for lunch. This vacation we were a little bit early in season, so we thought that they were not open for Dinner yet. But as we were there, we heard that that night would be the first Dinner opening.

This is the first view of the Harbour Club Ibiza you see, when you park you car on the parking spot of the Harbourclub. The Harbour Club is situated at Talamanca, Eivissa, which is close to the harbour of Eivissa. Not difficult to find if you have a roadmap. When you enter, you see on your right a little clothing shop. Like almost all the restaurants in Ibiza, The Harbour Club also has a little clothing shop in their restaurant. The first part of the restaurant is open, without a roof. You see a lot of tables, nice seats and a beautiful wall painting, which is specially made for the Harbour Club Ibiza by neo pop-art artist Selwyn Senatori. The other thing that’s really nice is the three champaign closets you see in this open space. Wow I wish I could have something like that in my garden;-)

The second part of the restaurant is a part with rooftop, so even with not so good weather (do you even have that in Ibiza?;-)), you can still enjoy your nice lunch or dinner at the restaurant.
We were with 9 people and made reservations at the part with rooftop which is at the back of the restaurant. Not because the weather was bad, but at that part of the restaurant you can see the beach and the sea. And a lot of people walking by. Which is always nice in Ibiza, looking at all the different kind of people who come or live on the island. At the back of the restaurant there is a small, wooden walking route. Which you can see on this picture:

We visited the Harbour Club at the beginning of May 2015, and I think the menu cards were not ready yet, because they walked around with some kind of blackboard with the menu written on it. I can’t imagine they would do that in the busy time. But we could still easily choose what we wanted. You can choose fish, meat or vegetarian. And for both lunch and dinner, you can choose a complete menu.
I choose this lovely Lobster Soup as a starter.

And as main course the really good Sashimi and Sushi, which I can recommend you:

I didn’t make pictures of all the courses we took, but the tuna pasta course that my sister-in-law selected from the menu actually looked quite nice. So one picture of the food for you:

The Harbour Club biza is not only a restaurant, but since last year they are also a beach club. The restaurant is already situated at the beach, so it seems like a logical choice that they made a beach club part. It looks great with nice daybeds. You can also order drinks and food. The prices for the daybeds of the beach club are not so expensive (at least for Ibiza).

If you want to go to the harbourclub restaurant or Beachclub you better make reservations. You can find the information on this Card:

Hope you will enjoy your time there as much as we did!

Greetz Claudia

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