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For months I have the book from the Cal Sophie’s Universe on my shelves. It’s such a beautiful blanket, I just couldn’t wait to start with it. But first I needed to finish my Study and I was still knitting on a few other projects. My Study is finished now and the other projects are far finished, so started thinking about the materials that I wanted to use.

I don’t want to crochet the blanket with Scheepjes yarn. I think so many people did that already. And of course I want to do a little promotion for the yarn that I’m selling on my website Okariconcepts
Finally I choose the Softmix from ByClaire.
The pattern of the Sophie’s universe is a design from Dedri Uys (Lookwhatimade).
In 2015 this Cal is published in 20 weeks and after that they made a book of it. I’m going to use the book (You can find it on Okariconcept), in which everything is explained very well with beautiful pictures and a Dutch translation, just to be sure that I understand everything from the book.
Of course I can’t give any information on this Blog how to make the blanket, but If I bump into things that I find difficult or that I will like a lot, I will share the information in the weekly updates on my Blog.

I’m going to use the following colors:

002 Ivory (Estimate xx skeins)
022 Vintagemint (Estimate xx skeins)
017 Vintage Blue (Estimate xx skeins)
018 Denim (Estimate xx skeins)
031 Olive (Estimate xx skeins)
034 Ocker (Estimate xx skeins)
013 Mauve (Estimate xx skeins)
005 Vintage Pink (Estimate xx skeins)
035 Salmon (Estimate xx skeins)
006 Flamingo Pink (Estimate xx skeins)

Next to the colors above, I will also use three extra colors more than in the original blanket. I love these colors for my blanket.
038 Caramel (Estimate xx skeins)
015 Iceblue (Estimate xx skeins)
043 Silver Grey (Estimate xx skeins)

About each part that I finish of Sophie’s Universe, I will write a Blog about the colors that I used. It’s not that I replaced the colors for the exact color of Scheepjes. Every round I will decide which colors will suit my blanket. I just started this crochet project and since it’s a different yarn than the original project, it’s hard to say how many balls I will use for the blanket. But I will give a list in every Blog of what I used until then.

The crochet hooks that I will use are the 5,5 mm and the 6 mm, both from the Clover Amour serie. I really love working with these hooks, they feel very comfortable in your hand. These are the first hooks that I’m selling through my craftstore (I just started with selling stuff for crochet and knitting). With which hooks do you prefer crocheting?

I try to post a blogpost every week to show you the progression that I make with my blanket. Of course I will show some pictures on my Social media like Facebook and Instagram. In the book there’s the tag #sophiesuniversecal2015, I will definitely use that one.

Greetings Claudia

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