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Do you have that too, you want to do so many things at the same time, and you don’t know where to start anymore? Finally you and up with doing nothing. I have that a lot.
We are rebuilding an old house since the end of 2002. The house is from before 1900 and it’s such a never ending story (but we love the house). These days it’s not only rebuilidng, but also the normal things like painting things again. And at the same time I have new ideas to change things we already rebuilded 10 years ago. Next to that I also get a lot of inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, magazines etc. into my head. For those ideas I’m buying all kind of stuff. Most of the time I start with the idea, but It’s still not finished. It gave me the feeling that my head is floating over. Everywhere there is stuff that needs some work.
So to get things done, I bought a nice, simple notebook at the Hema and I started to write down different categories and projects on different pages. Under that I wrote all things that I could think of that need to be done and my new to do list was born.
Some people are laughing about my to do lists, but somehow this is the only way for me to finish things and to empty my head a little bit and of course to clean up the house;-). So after writing everything down, the To do list exists now of 200 items. This goes from a lot of painting and other things for the house, to clothes I need to fix, things for my Blog and other hobby things that I have in my mind. 

Todolist august 2016 on

And this is only the short to do list. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to put everything on this to do list, we will get crazy here about such a list;-) First work on this list.
To put a little bit more pressure on myself to really work on the list, I will publish an update here on the blog of what is finished. Below you will find the first update of july 2016.

Update July 2016

1. nr 1 that I finished of the to do list was fixing the shoes of my son Lars. haha I wont show you a picture of those worn-out shoes, but he can wear them to daycare again;-)

2. I bought this nice bed cover at H&M for Larsman. Only his quilt came out all the time, because the opening in the cover was a little bit to big. I put a little button below and the problem was solved. .
Duvet on bed in boys room,

3. Also a little ieniemienie job, it was done in 5 minutes to fix a hole in my vest. But still it was waiting for me for 1,5 year.
Restored the cardigan,

4. We finally put the handles on the kitchen in my atelier. Wow that feels easy to open the doors now. Now I have to get rid of the spots on the RVS of the doors;-), haha new item for the list.
Grips on the kitchen of the atelier,

5. en 6. Removed all the lose ends of this nice blanket and wrote a blogpost about how to make it. You can find the blog about this DIY here.
Plaid over office chair, free pattern on

7., 8. en 9. I painted three garden pot made of Fiber Clay, high gloss black. After that I put these nice grass plants in it. Very happy with the results. Read more about it here.
Planters ready on the terrace,

10. Spray painted a transparent vase of the Action matt black.
Sunflowers in spray painted vases from Action nl,

11. Two little transparent vases and two transparent candlesticks spray painted white and matt black. All items are also from the Action.
Spray painted some vases in black and white on

12. I bought some gold colored accessoires at H&M. But finally the gold color didn’t look so good in our house. Ok. spray paint with matt white and matt black made it better for me-;). 
Spray painted some gold colored stuff black and white,

13. The hornbeam in our garden was beautiful, only you could never see the whole garden. And next to that it became so high that prune the thing became a real problem. So we decided to lower it for at least 2 meters.
Trimmed the hedge in the garden,

14. A very ugly lamp from the former residents was still hanging on the garage. In the beginning it wasn’t a problem, we were working on other more important things in the house, and later it was covered by the hornbeam. But with the pruning of the hornbeam it was there again. But now it’s gone…check!
Took the ugly lamp from the garage,

Well 14 things fixed in only two weeks of the to do list . And at the same time already working in other items with a little more work. Hopefully next month I can show you again a (big) list of finished items.

So I’m going back to work again to finish things of the list. Bye bye.


 kisses Claudia

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