Black and white play rug from H&M

Lars op het speelkleed van H&M

For a few weeks now I’m looking for nice decoraties for the new room of my little boy. We are redecorating his room and I already ordered some furniture for his room.
I try to give his room a little bit of an industrial view, while watching out for not making it a teenage room, since he’s only 2,5 years old.
One of the things that I found is the super nice play rug of H&M. Luckily not with a lot of colors, but nice in black and white. And with a road on it, which is always a good thing, because he’s totally nuts about cars.
As soon as I saw the rug on someones Instagram picture I checked the site of H&M, but the rug was sold out. More than a week I checked the site for a couple of times a day. One time I found the rug, but in seconds it was sold out again. In the mean time I found a mug, a plate, a little schoolboard in Truck form and a dish, all in line of the traffic serie. All these products were also sold out a lot, but by checking the site a lot, I could collect it all. Except for the nice rug.

Black and White toys from H&M on

I found the play rug in the French store of H&M, but they aren’t shipping to the Netherlands. Finally I sent H&M an email with the question if they will ever be on stock again. One of the ladies of customer service was able to find one, but she couldn’t reach me by phone at the time.
So then she ordered one for me. I was so happy when I read the email. Great service!!

Yesterday the play rug came in and my son wanted to play with it immediately, he liked it a lot:-). Temporary I layed it in his new room, so he can play with it for a while.
The play rug is very nice, the quality feels good and the size is 90 x 130 cm. There is no antislip under it, but it stays on its place on our wooden floor.

On this moment almost all the products are sold out again, so if you go to the store you can’t see the link to the products. But I will give you the links to the products that I bought, then it’s easier for you to find the products on the site and see if they are still sold out or if you can order them now. These are the links to the Dutch site by the way. What worked well for me is that as long as H&M didn’t ship your order, all the new orders are made into one, so you only have one time delivery cost. Keep an eye on it that it’s really not shipped yet, otherwise you do have to pay more shipping cost.

Black and White Rug – H&M
Porcelain plate – H&M
Porcelain mug – H&M
Porcelain dish – H&M
Schoolboard in form of a truck – H&M
Grey felt basket with a car on it – H&M

On the site of H&M you can find much more nice home decoration products, also for the rest of your home.

If you can’t find the play rug anymore, then there is another play rug from OYOY. It’s in the same style only different size, it’s 70 x 180 cm and the price is EUR 55,-, You can buy it here at VT-wonen shop.
Playmat OYOY via VT wonen shop


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