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Deel van onze woonkamer

So nice of you to read my first blogpost on Goodlives. I doubted some time if I wanted to start this Blog, since I also write Blogs for Cakes and Pumps, my lifestyleblog. Two Blogs is a little bit busy, but I like to Blog. Only I think that on my other Blogs there is not so much room for Interior design, renovating and home accessories. Not on my foodblog, since this is about food and also not on my lifestyleblog, because I don’t want that one to turn into an interior Blog. But I felt that it is time to finish the house and to style it with nice decorations. And I have a lot of ideas that I like to with you and hopefully I will feel a little more pressure to finish the unfinished things in the house:-). So finally I decided to start this Blog.

Interior, living, styling, renovating and everything else that’s related to these, are things that I like a lot for a long time. With The Ariadne and the DoeHetZelf (later 101Woonidee), which are both Dutch Interior magazines, I tried to renovated furniture, making accessories and to design al kind of things to make my student room a little bit more cosy. Later my taste changed from the country style like it was showed in the Ariadne to a more minimalistic style with design items. I started to like magazines like “Eigen huis en Interieur” and “Elle wonen“, but also VT Wonen.

Part of our living room with fireplace and light colored accessories

At the end of 2002 we bought our current home. It’s an old house from before 1900, totally dilapidated by the former residents. For more than 13 years now, we try to renovate the house. We didn’t renovate it all this time, I mean there are also other nice things like vacations, days off etc.. But bit by bit the house became nicer and more beautiful. Only the last years we were a little bit done with renovating, so we didn’t do a lot in the house. I started with a difficult study on Nyenrode, and I got pregnant from our son, which was a troublesome pregnancy. And after my son was born, we liked it more to spent time with him then to work in the house. Then in Februari 2015 I became a little bit addicted to Pinterest (see my Pinterest Goodlives and Pinterest Cakes and Pumps) . After that I discovered Instagram, started my two Blogs and slowly I started working in the house again . Specially on Instagram I see beautiful pictures , which motivate me to work on some ideas that are in my head for at least 8 years :-).

Detail van ons leuke ophangrekje in de keuken

Why Goodlives?
A long time ago, somewhere in 2001, I started a webshop for handmade jewelry with the name Goodlives. Short after that I started selling beads on another site, Goodlivesbeads (this site is now moved to Okariconcepts). For Goodlivesbeads I used a much better shopsystem than on Goodlives and finally I quited with the site Goodlives. All the time I kept the Domain name And now I’m happy with that. Because Good Lives, the official name of my company, stands for the Good Life. And one part of that Good Life is for me a nice and cosy decorated house.
I hope you will like my Blogs here on and that they will inspire you for your house, just like a lot of people are inspiring me with their beautiful pictures and nice ideas.


 kisses Claudia

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