My Top 5 songs #3

The last couple of days I didn’t feel so well. Some kind of virus which kept me posted on the toilet;-). Today feeling a little bit better, but could definitely use some nice music to cheer me up. So I found a couple of nice tracks on Youtube for this Top 5 songs #3 2015. Click further to find the videos.

The First song is “Summer Thing from Afrojack, featuring Mike taylor”. Just a happy song, that makes me feeling better already;-). Afrojack is a Dutch DJ, working with big names like Pitbull and Ne-Yo. He even works with David Guetta with who he won a Grammy Award for remixing the song revolver from Madonna. “Summer Thing” is a nice summer song, with good beats. By the way don’t forget that you first get these advertising things on Youtube before the song starts.

The second one for the Top 5 songs #3 is from Pharell Williams and is called “Freedom”. I had to listen to this song a couple of time, but the more I hear it the more I like it. Do you have that too? Also again only the song, no video.

Avicii is during the summer always one of my favorites, I just love the happy tunes. If you go to Ibiza this year, and want to see Avicii, then you should go to Ushuaia, he will be performing there every Sunday until the end of August. Edit: Unfortunately Avicii has past away which means we have to miss his shows forever.

After the Avicii song we stay into House with Don Diablo ft. Emeni and the song “Universe”. Don Diablo is a Dutch DJ, born in Coevorden (1980). His style is Electro, Dubstep and other styles too, which he mixes into his songs. The song I choose, starts with a little story. Nice beats!

With the last song for the Top 5 songs #3, we take it a little bit slower, so you can cool down after the dance music. This song, called “No way no” is from Magic. Magic is a Canadian band, which started in 2012. Never heard of that band, but the song gives me the feeling of driving in a rented car on some kind of exotic vacation destination with your loved one. Windows open and listening to this relaxed song with the radio on maximum volume. Do you get that feeling. Right, feels good……..

Greetz Claudia

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