Cosmic Cal part 1, incl. Colorscheme Cottonandcandles

Cosmic cal part 1

A few weeks ago, I started with the first part of the Cosmic Cal 2018, designed by Helen Shrimpton (Crystalsandcrochet). I know, I’m still working on my Sophie’s Universe blanket, but I couldn’t resist to start a new Cal.
I really like working on my Sophie and the Cosmic Cal is the same kind of blanket, The second reason is that I wanted to join a Cal from the beginning, and the Cosmic Cal looks like a great project to do so.

If you don’t exactly know what a Cal is, a Cal (Crochet a-long) is a designed project for which every week only a part of the pattern will be published. You work all on the same part that week. Of course there are always people who start at a later time, or who get behind because of other things they need to work on. That’s all ok with a Cal. Most of the time there is also a facebook group where the pattern will be published, or where you can ask questions and show your work.
For the Cosmic Cal there is also a facebook groep, you can find it here.
The Cosmic Cal is designed with several different yarns of Stylecraft. I wanted to work with yarns that I sell in my webshop Cottonandcandles, that’s why I decided to make the Cosmic Cal with Cotton Catania from Schachenmayr.

I used the following colors for my Cosmic Cal:

– Cream (105 Nature, Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Beige (248 Linen, Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Tile Blue (380 Tile Blue, Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Ocker (249 Gold /Ocker, Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Light grey (172 Light grey/Silver grey , Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Anthracite (242 Anthracite, Catania Cotton from Schachenmayr)
– Iceblue ( 019 Iceblue ,Cotton van ByClaire)

I crochet with the 4mm hook from Clover Amour

All colors and crochet hooks are for sale at my webshop

At this moment, I’m not sure how many skeins I need for the whole project, but I will give an overview every week how many skeins I have used until then.
This is the first overview for part 1:

My color schedule is as follows:

On the website of Stylecraft, you can find a link to different pages with introductions and the colors per round.
For US terms click here
For UK terms click here
and for Dutch click here

Helen Shrimpton also makes a video for every part, in English. Be careful if you follow the English terms, because the video is in US terms, otherwise you will have a lot of mistakes.
The video is divided into 3 parts.
Round 1 – 30 Click here
Round 13 – 22 Click here
Round 23 – 30 Click here

The Cosmic Cal wil take 9 weeks and while I’m writing this Blog already 7 parts are published . I planned to make a Blog for every part, so now part 1 is ready. Hihi still some work to do to get to Blog 9 ;-).
I found part 1 a lot more difficult than the Sophie’s Universe. With Sophie’s Universe you have a lot of easy stitches, you have to count too of course. But with the Cosmic Cal you definitely need to count a lot more and use many stitchmarkers.

I’m using the Dutch translation myself, it’s great for me that there is one. It would be even more difficult for me to learn all those new stitches from the US or UK terms.
Part 1 exists of 30 rounds (total there will be 93 rounds), so the first part is hard working. The first week that I started with the Cosmic, I didn’t even worked on my Sophie. But I only started on Friday with the Cosmic Cal, so I was a little bit behind in the beginning.

The next weeks it will be better, less rounds per week. But I can tell you that there will be quite a few time consuming rounds in some parts. Will you start too? Love to see the results of you’re Cosmic.

With Love Claudia

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