Pop’s place, where you can eat delicious local food in Curacao

Driving around on Curacao with a friend of us, he gave us the tip to have lunch or dinner at Pop’s place. He knows that we like Surinamese food, so he thought that we would like the food from Curacao too. On the 2nd of January we went to the restaurant to see of they were open, but they were not. Two days later they were open, so we went there to have lunch.

Pop’s place has delicious local meals. The restaurant looks very colorful, like a lot of places on Curacao, with some tables made of big wooden cable rolls.

The menu is easy, with som chicken, meat and fish meals. Next to that they also have some sandwiches.

We were both into some meat, but I had the idea that I wouldn’t like the goat. So I chose the Karni Stoba (stewed meat) and Martin choose the Kabritu (stewed goat meat). We both choose the brown rice with beans and some baked banana. The food was really good, the meat was tender meat and the rice wasn’t dry like we had a couple of times with the white rice we got in other restaurants. Our little boy only wanted some bread with egg, but that tasted good too.

You can find Pop’s place at the Caracasbaai. On one side you see the beautiful sea and little beach, but on the other side you see some kind of ugly thing in the water what looks like a little oil rig. So don’t look too much to that side, because the beach looks really nice.

After this time we went to Pop’s place twice, one time for dinner and one time for lunch. We took a fresh slice of fish for the dinner, a Dorade this time.

And the second time for another lunch, we really wanted to try the seafood soup. The seafood soup was delicious!, filled with a lot of seafood and with a great taste.

If you want to try local food, then I recommend you to go to Pop’s place. The food has a good price and the quality is awesome. The people who serve you are nice and helpful and the location is good too.

Greetz Claudia

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