A new planter on wheels in the kitchen

Honey jar as a Planter in the kitchen ig

These days it’s a must to have a lot of green in your house. And with green I mean a lot of plants. I always liked plants in my house, but because of all the dust that comes with rebuilding and reconstruction in the house, most of my plants die in short time. So on a regular basis I have to buy new plants to fill the empty pots;-). But sometimes it’s nice to make a new spot for a nice plant with a great planter. Read further what I did

Honey jar as a Planter in the kitchen ig

At Fortune Flea I found this very nice honey jar. It’s quite big (77 x 46 cm cm) and completely empty on the inside.

Honingblik als plantenpot op verrijdbaar tafeltje
I didn’t want to put the jar without underlayment on our Epoxy floor, so I had the idea to make a small round table on wheels.. I would saw it out of wood and make 3 or 4 wheels under it. But when I was at the construction market I remembered that I still had a little table from Ikea, which might have the exact size for under the jar. So I bought the wheels and no wood.
Tafel ikea voor onder honingblik als plantenpot
At home I measured the table and it was perfect. I removed the table legs, put the wheels under it, scoured the table and painted it twice with matte Wood & Wall paint from the Gamma in the color Bluish black.
Tafeltje voor honingblik plantenpot gedeeltelijk geschilderd
Tafeltje voor onder honingblik als plantenpot met wieltjes
Very nice paint by the way, because it was dry before I new it and I didn’t even need undercoat. Two layers of paint was enough.

Planter on the new table and then I started thinking about what kind of frame I have to make or buy for inside the jar. I already bought a simple plastic pot for inside at Kwantum and a beautiful plant at Ikea.
Plantje van ikea voor in plantenpot gemaakt van een honingblik
Martin had this great idea to put an empty beer crate, which fitted perfect. But with the side effect that I wasn’t thinking about a new frame at all.
But after some time there was an annoying amount of empty beer bottles in the storage room.
Which made me think about a frame again. Easy made of wood, a little (unnecessary) paint on it and the beer bottles could finally be returned to the shop;-).
Frame om plant op te zetten in honingblik
So what do you think of my new planter? I’m in love with it, the planter makes our kitchen a little bit more industrial.


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