Part 3 Sophie ‘s Universe

Now the Sophie is still small, so working on it goes fast, but later when she’s bigger it will be different I guess. It’s a big blanket and it will cost a couple of months to make it, so it’s nice to see some results already. This week, part 3 has 10 rounds to do. I work with 5 different colors and I changed the color scheme from Deidre to my own colors. I decide per round which color I will use.

The three optional colors that I showed in my first blogpost, are definitely in the game now.

The colors that I used for part 3 of my Sophie are this per round:
Round 16: 034 Ocker
Round 17: 034 Ocker
Round 18: 015 Iceblue
Round 19: 015 Iceblue
Round 20: 038 Caramel
Round 21: 038 Caramel
Round 22: 043 Silver Grey
Round 23: 043 Silver Grey
Round 24: 002 Ivory
Round 25: 002 Ivory
A little bit different than what I had in mind at the start of my Sophie.

From round 17 you see that Sophie stars to buckle, just like was written in the book.

At round 18 en 19 I used the Iceblue. In round 18 you have to make a Popcorn stitch. I made this stitch for the first time when I worked on the Flags for the worldrecord attempt of the Nyehuis.  The Dutch translation was a little bit unclear, so I followed the book to make the popcorns. Then it all went well.

The 19th round is very easy, which is great after the more difficult things. You only make double crochets between the popcorn stitches.

For Round 20 and 21 I have chosen 038 Caramel. Round 20 is simpel, no difficult stitches, only good counting. In round 21 you crochet clusters, which are not difficult. If you know how you have to make it, then the round is done in a minute ;-).

Round 22 has a couple of Front Post double treble’s (FPdtr’s) who are made first on the left side of the Popcorn stitch around the FPdtr and then on the right side of the popcorn stitch around the FPdtr. It makes a nice Cross.

Round 23 and Toer 24 are simple, with double crochets, half-double crochet and post stitches.
The last round of part 3, round 25 was real fun to do. You have to make a Crab stitch, on which you crochet backwards. I have never did this before, the effect of this stitch is really great.
My Sophie is buckling even more than before, but I will hope that will go away with future rounds.

My Sophie’s Universe measures 61 cm after 25 rounds.
The amount of yarn that I used until now is:

With Love Claudia

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