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De potten staan klaar - DIY moederdag 2018

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A few weeks ago I was at the #letsmeetlunch, organised by Joandi Loes from Hemelryk. We did a great workshop, given by Sanne (lille.hus on Instagram), on wich we made a living Eco system with small plants in a big Mason jar. When I drove home, I was already thinking about how I can make a great mothersday gift out of this.

De pot is klaar - DIY Moederdagcadeau 2018

It really is an easy DIY for mothersday, you only need to collect some things to make it.

What do you need
– A big mason jar, Prefarable with a size of 5 liter.
– Hydrograins, enough to cover the bottom of the mason jar.
– Potting soil
– 4 miniplants for inside, I bought mine at Groenrijk. There was a wooden stick in with Bambino written on it and they were 1,49 per piece.
– If you want you can use some moss or little stones.
Ecosysteem moederdag DIY - de benodigdheden
De plantjes - DIY moederdagcadeau 2018

Last week I ordered two big Mason jars for my DIY. The jars have a size of 5 liter and are from Bormioli Rocco Fido. I ordered them here for EUR 11,99 per piece.
De pot voor het Ecosysteem moederdag cadeau

How to make
1. The first step is to fill the jar with the hydrograins, so the bottom of your jar is covered with them. The hydrograins keep some water, so hopefully this prevents the potting soil from staying to wet. And with this maybe the plants stay alive a lot longer.
Hydrakorrels in de potten voor moederdag

2. After that you fill the jar with potting soil, for around one fourth of the jar. Push the soil a little bit to the outside, so you will see a little dimple if you look from above into the jar.
De aarde in de pot - DIY moederdag 2018

3. Now you’re going to fill the jar with your plants. The hole on top of the bar is not so big, so holding the plant in your hand and bring into the jar, won’t work. You have to let the plants fall into the jar. With this there is a risk the plants will be damaged. I choose to first let the most fragile plant fall into the jar.
Eerste plantje voor de pot - DIY moederdagcadeau 2018
If the plant is into to jar, then push it a little bit to the glass and put some soil around the plant so you won’t see the roots anymore.
Eerste plantje in de pot - DIY moederag cadeau 2018

This way you put all the plants into the jar, give them a place and put some soil around them. In the mean time put some more potting soil with a spoon into the jar, so all the roots can be covered well. By the way, you have to remove the little wooden stick of it was with your little plant. With me, there was some spider wen growing over it very fast and the plant started rotting very soon. Finally I had to remove it from the ecosystem to prevent the other plants from rotting.
Het potje wordt vol - DIY moederdagcadeau 2018

4. If you want, you can fill some empty places with a little moss or stones. U had some moss in my garden that I used.

5. Finally you clean the jars in the inside with some kitchen paper and you put a little water in it. Not to much, otherwise your plants will rot very fast.

I left the jars open for two nights, but after that I closed the jars. You don’t have to open them anymore, because they will keep themself alive as an being there own ecosystem.
On my jar, there was a lot of water on the glass after a day, hopefully that will go away after some time.
I haven’t experienced it, because I had to reopen my jar to remove the rotten plant. After that I left it open until I made the jars for our mothers (only then I bought a new plant for it.
The water on the glass doesn’t look nice if you want to give the jar away as a ( mothersday ) gift, so you can clean it before you give it away. But remember, then it starts all over again with the water on the glass. The eco system has to start all over again.

De potten staan klaar - DIY moederdag 2018

I Hope my mom and mother in law will be happy with the gift that I made for them for mothersday.


 kisses Claudia

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