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M.’s brother and his wife tried to go to Amante beach club twice, and both of the times it was closed because of a wedding or a party or something. It made me curious about the beach club Amante in Ibiza. They say this is a hidden spot, very nice and with a beautiful view on the bay of Sol d’en Serra. So with our third visit to Ibiza, it was high on our to do list. Do you also want to see more of this beautiful spot? Read further

Amante Beachclub is close to Santa Eularia and the beach Cala Llonga. When you park your car on the parking place you first see this board, to welcome you to the beach club:

And when you walk to the restaurant, you immediately see the beautiful sea, a little piece of the beach and the bay.

We didn’t make any reservation, which is actually a little bit stupid if you know that people came twice for nothing. But we were lucky. In a quarter or so there would be a free table. We could wait in the lounge corner of the restaurant. And in the meantime they gave Larsman a little box with crayons, specially made for Amante, which he could keep, and of course a piece of paper to make a nice drawing . Wow how child friendly is that!!!
The beach club itself exists of a restaurant upstairs, a bar downstairs, where you can also eat.  And in front of the bar,  the beach space, also with tables to have lunch or dinner and daybeds.

Amante has a small menu for the lounge part of the restaurant and also a bigger menu for the restaurant and bar itself. You can eat fish, meat or vegetarian. And You can eat everything for lunch or dinner. Here you can take a look at the menu of Amante. We want to eat something simple, because for dinner we would go out with the rest of the family, so we only eat a beef burger and some chicken. But the fishplate of the day looked so delicious, it almost made me wish I din’t have another dinner that night! Larsman ate a little sandwich and we both shared some fruit together.

After lunch we left the stroller upstairs in the restaurant, to see how the bar and the beach were. If you step out of the restaurant in the back, you have a beautiful view on the Sol d’en Serra bay.

As you can see they have seats everywhere, only not a lot of daybeds for the beach part. So if you want to stay there on the beach club part, I think you also have to make reservations. When you’re downstairs and you walk over the beach part to the end, you can find a small place where you can have a massage.

It’s really true, this beach club is beautiful and the views even more! And if I wasn’t married all ready I would definitely try to have my wedding at that spot……haha M.’s lucky, cause that would cost a fortune I guess;-)
The funny thing is, M.’s brother wanted to go the day after us to Amante Beachclub, so we asked for them if the club was open, and guess what……closed again for a wedding. But they were welcome the day after the wedding.
So if you go there, always call to make reservations!

Greetz Claudia

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