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For a while the Bottle Vases from FoekjeFleur are on my wishlist. Lately you see these vases more and more on Instagram, what made me even more enthousiast about the Bottle Vases. So two weeks ago I thought it was time to finally order a Bottle Vase at FoekjeFleur.

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The warm yellow nr 3 was the one that I wanted. Only this vase was not on stock anymore. So I emailed Foekje Fleur when she would have that particular one back on stock. Immediately I got an email back that she thought there might be one in her atelier, but she wasn’t completely sure about it.
The next day she mailed me that she actually had one and that it was already on his way to me. Wow great, I was very happy to hear this.
On Monday the vase arrived, but when I got the package from the mailman I immediately heard that there was something wrong with it. The vase was broken. Pff that wasn’t nice at all. The package was well packed by Foekje Fleur and still it was broken by the postal service. And unfortunately this was her last warm yellow nr 3 vase.
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After mailing Foekje Fleur about it, she felt bad too about it, it was the first time this happened to her. She would sent me a new one, but I had to be patience because she was away for a couple of days. In the mean time I was thinking that I wanted some more vases, so I ordered two more. And since the warm yellow ones wouldn’t be there anymore I for the broken one I thought, she could sent me a green one.

Saturday morning my package arrived from FoekjeFleur, and luckily all Bottle Vase where unbroken. And with a nice card in it that she found a warm yellow nr 3 in a store in Rotterdam, that she picked up for me. Wow the service she offers is fantastic. And all the three vases are beautiful, so happy with them.

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The story behind the Bottle Vase is really interesting. Foekje Fleur started with the Bottle Vases after she read about the plastic soup that is found in the oceans. She started looking for plastic in her hometown Rotterdam, close to the river The Maas. And she did found a lot of plastic, some even from the sixties.
In this video (video from you can see a little bit about it:

Out of these findings the Bottle Vases were born. So they are not only pretty, but there is also a deeper story behind the vases. They show the lack of degradability of plastics even more. And it doesn’t matter how old the plastic is, it stays the same like when it was thrown away, specially the older plastics.
The vases from Foekje are made from porcelain, on the outside they are biscuit which gives them a beautiful matt look. And on the inside they are glazed, so you can put water in it for flowers. Foekje Fleur is not making the vases herself, but she’s working together with a little Chinese company called Middle Kingdown. This company exists of a husband-wife team. On the site of Foekje Fleur you can find more info about the vases.

The other two vases that I ordered are a light pink nr 6 and a light green nr 2. And I think in a couple of months you can find pictures about a Dark green nr 7, an Orange nr 9, an Old red nr 5 and a Fresh Yellow nr 8 on my Instagram photos. Actually I want them all on my wishlist, but I don’t think Martin will be happy with that;-).
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The vase is also beautiful with my (limited edition) Ocre yellow Sibilla vase from Hella Duijs:

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