Sunday Smoothie: Strawberry Colada

Sunday Smoothie time again, this time we have a Strawberry Colada smoothie

I always call all the mixes with fruit a smoothie, but since I’m searching for smoothies for my blogs I found out that you have different kind of fruit drinks.

But what’s the difference between then?

A smoothie is mostly frozen fruit with yoghurt, cream, milk, custard or mascarpone added. It looks like a milkshake and it’s nice to drink it cold.

A shake is not thick as a smoothie, because you use fresh fruit and not the frozen ones. To make this shake a little more thick, you can also add yoghurt, milk or ice-cream.

A Lassie is an Indian frink, with fruit or vegetables with yoghurt, water en a few spices.

A frappé is a fruit mixed with ice to make the drink Ice-cold.

And from all these drinks are a lot of different variations. You see a lot of green smoothies, which are mostly with vegetables. Or smoothies with coffee and ice-cream, to make it more look like a dessert.
So to make it a little bit easier, I just do like a lot of people, and call everything a smoothie;-). Enjoy this Strawberry Colada

The recipe:

Sunday Smoothie: Strawberry Colada

Strawberry Cocoscream Colada Smoothie with pineapple juice, nice for breakfast or as a healthy snack
Servings 1


  • 225 gram Strawberries
  • 65 cl Coconut cream
  • 3 dl Pineapple juice


  • Cut the green part of the strawberry and slice them into smaller pieces.
  • Put the strawberries into the blender.
  • Put the pineapple juice and the cocoscream in the blender.
  • Mix al the ingredients.
  • Put the mix in a jar or a glass.
  • As decoration you can put some strawberries next to your glass or on the edge of the glass with a cocktail pick.
  • The Strawberry Colada is Smoothie finished. Delicious for breakfast or as a healthy snack

Greetz Claudia

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