DIY: coloring for Grown-ups, footstool from Hema (Hemahack #1)

Footstool from Hema in use, square on

Last week I was at Hema and suddenly my eye felt on this carton footstool. What a funny little footstool from Hema. My head starts to think immediately if I could make something nice with it.

Carton footstool

They were reduced in price from € 4,50 to € 1,00, so no money at all. They only sell them in two colors, one in the colors mint/beige and the other one in cream/beige. I bought the one with mint for the new room of Larsman. Love the form of the stools, only the colors aren’t really blending with the rest of my house. 

While I was walking around in the shop, I got the idea to color the beige triangels on the stool black with a black marker. So I also bought the other one in beige/cream and 4 black waterproof markers.

Waterproof markers

First I unfolded the footstool on both sides.
Footstool from Hema, unfolded

In the next step I draw straight lines with a black marker and ruler on all the lines of the footstool.
Footstool from Hema, fase 1

Then I have been coloring for a couple of days. Coloring for grow ups. hahaha after that  I couldn’t see any triangle anymore, but the results are great. While I only painted En dat voor een krukje van maar € 1,- en een paar stiften van € 2,95. waarvan ik er zelfs nog eentje over heb.

Footstool from Hema, fase 2
Footstool from Hema in use

The footstool is great, measures  40 x 40 x 40 cm and can be used up to 120 kilo. It’s easy to fold together and it looks like it stays good in the original form. Only it can’t be wet, because it’s made out of carton.

Footstool from Hema, folded
Footstool from Hema, front

 kisses Claudia

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