Teapot Theo from Stelton

Teapot Theo with two mugs from Stelton, Goodlives.nl

A couple of weeks ago I bought this beautiful teapot Theo from Stelton. A real beauty and it was on my wishlist for some time now;-)
The teapot is black, altough it looks a little bit more like dark grey. On the inside the teapot is made of ceramics and on the outside is a layer of cast-iron finish.

Scandinavian teapot Theo from Stelton, Goodlives.nl
On the cast-iron finish you see spots very fast, but you can also wiped them off easily. The teapot is 1,25 liter, 22 cm width and 16 cm high.
What I like a lot about Teapot Theo is that it’s a minimalistic, scandinavian interieur item. But because of the bamboe lid and handle, you can also use it with Japanese style tableware.
Teapot Theo from above, Goodlives.nl
With the teapot I also bought two tea muts to make a nice set. The muts are made from the same material as the teapot, also ceramisch with a cast-iron finish. They have a lid from bamboo, which you can also use as a coaster.
Two mugs from Stelton, Goodlives.nl
Two mugs from Stelton lids used as coaster, Goodlives.nl.

The teapot and the mugs are designed by Francis Cayouette for Stelton. The serie also contains a coffe brewer, a teapot warmer and miniature bowls. In 2015 the serie won an iF design award.

Teapot Theo and mugs from Stelton, Goodlives.nl
Holding the teapot Theo from Stelton, Goodlives.nl
Teapot Theo standing on a table from Zuiver, Goodlives.nl
Teapot Theo from Stelton

Don’t put the teapot, the mugs ad the bamboo lies in the dishwasher, I think they will break or get out of shape. It’s not on the box that you can’t put it in the dishwasher, probably it’s on the flyer inside the box, which I lost already ;-).


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