Baby Pilea (Pilea peperomioides), how to raise little Pileas

Baby Pileas die wachten om naar hun nieuwe vriendjes te gaan

Baby Pilea Peperomioides waiting to go to their new friends
The Baby Pilea, also named Pilea Peperomioides is here in Holland one of the most wanted plants on Instagram. Since spring this year you see a lot of pictures on Instagram of little and big Baby Pilea’s. It;s really a nice plant and easy to take care of. The baby Pilea is originally from China. You have more than 600 different species (bron).
While you saw a lot of pictures on Instagram the Baby Pilea wasn’t easy to find in the stores.

Multiple times I checked at Intratuin, groenrijk or local plaatshops if they sell this plant. But nowhere to be found. I even put myself on a waiting list from a fellow Instagrammer, but that could take some time. Somewhere in may I was at Intratuin again, not for a Baby Pilea this time, but for another plant. Ans suddenly I saw a lady with the Pilea in her shopping car. I asked her immediately where she found the plant and I raced to the spot she gave me. Hahahaha how crazy I was for this little plant, and afraid that they would be gone again;-). Lucky for me there were enough plants and I bought two. At home I put them in a new pot, because the plants were quite big already.
Moeder baby Pilea Peperomioides
The plants are on the windowsill, facing North.
I think they like a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. I’m not so strict on watering my plants, mostly 1 times a week, but sometimes I forget it and then they won’t get any water for 2 weeks.

The Baby Pilea’s seem to like it with us on the windosill. In no time we had little cuttings. The plant is also calles Friendship plant, because you can make a lot of little ones to give to your friends. And that’s what i did. De
First I cut the cuttings with a scissor from the mother plant.
Baby Pilea cut from the mother plant
Sometimes they already have roots, but mostly they don’t. Some people say you can put them in the soil immediately, but I prefer to put them in glasses of water and wait until they have some decent roots.
Pilea plants waiting tin the water to get some roots
Baby Pilea with some roots on it

At the time there are enough roots, it’s time to put the Pilea’s in the potting soil. First I’m filling the pots with a layer of hydro grains, then some soil, the litle Pilea and some more soil.
Baby pileas verpot in hun nieuwe potjes
Watering it on a regular base is good, but don’t give too much, that doesn’t seem to be good for the plant.
For now I made around 12 new plants, and my two big plants already have 8-10 new cuttings. But first I need some space for the Christmas decorations, so the cuttings have to stay on the plant for a little morge time.

The nice bags are made with the DIY of KarinJoan. If you register for her newsletter, she will sent you an email with a link to the DIY. Unfortunately the video is in Dutch, but maybe you can understand it by just watching it. For myself I made her design a little bit bigger so I could print it on A3 paper. This made it possible to use it for a little bit bigger planter.
Zakjes gemaakt naar DIY van Karin Joan
I bought the little planters at Groenrijk, they are both from Elho. The little one is 6 cm high and has a diameter of 6,7 cm. The baggie from A4 paper fits this planter. The bigger one is 8,7 cm high and has a diameter of 10,2 cm. The A3 paper baggie is suitable for this planter
Potjes van Elho gebruikt voor baby Pileas

The first plants are ready to go to there new friends.


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