A new warm blanket with pattern to knit (#DIY)

Larsman with the DIY knitting blanket from goodlives.nl

In winter I always like it to sit on the couch, watching tv and at the same time knitting or crocheting a blanket. Mostly I’m working on a couple of projects and it’s sometimes not easy to really finish a blanket. The knitting is not the problem, but after that all the loose ends need to be fixed in the blanket. And I really don’t like that. And I also want to share the blankets with you here on my blog. For now I have two plaids (with this one) finished to blog about and two blankets that need some loose-ends-work and also writing a blog about. And two new ones are on their way, which more than halfway with the knitting part. Oeps a lot of work to do then (while I first have to work on my Master Thesis to get that finished too).

Larsman with the DIY knitting blanket from goodlives.nl
To knit a nice blanket or plaid you do need very expensive wool. I made this blue paid with two different yarns of Zeeman Netherlands. I think they don’t sell this blue color anymore, but they do have a lot of other colors. That’s one of the downsides of the yarn from the Zeeman, Action or Hema. Colors are out of the range very quick.
I knitted the blanket with tree balls of wool at the same time. Two balls of Julia wool, color nr 50 (1,99 per ball) from Zeeman Netherlands and 1 ball Royal wool (0,99 per ball) also from Zeeman Netherlands. Both the yarns have a little bit of a greenish blue color.
De kleurtjes wol voor de DIY plaid

Requierements for a blanket of 150 x 200 cm:
14 balls of Julia wool (100 gr is 170 meter, suitable for knitting needles 7-8)
6 balls of Royal wool (100 gr is 241 meter, suitable for knitting needles 4-5)
1 circular needle nr 15, 150 cm length (I bought mine at hobbydoos.nl)
The wool for the DIY blanket on goodlives.nl

The pattern
The pattern is actually quite simple, only knit stitch and purl stitch. The pattern exists of 6 rows that you repeat around 34 -35 times. To knit a nice V on the sides, I gave the pattern two extra stitches. The last stitch of the row is always a purl stitch and you slip the first stitch of the row as a knit stitch.
You start to cast on 103 stitches on the circular needle nr 15. It’s very important that you cast on the stitches a little bit loose, since it’s looking very strange if your work is smaller on the underside.
The next rows are like this: (K = knit stitch, P = purl stitch).
Row 1: 2K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 9P 1K 1P
Row 2: You knit the stitches alternate, so it will be like this: 1K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 1P 9K 11P 9K 1P 9K 2P
Row 3: Like Row 1
Row 4: Like Row 2
Row 5: Like Row 1
Row 6: Slip the first stitch like a knitting stitch and the rest of the stitches Purl stitch

From now on you repeat the rows 1 to 6 until you are on 200 cm or the length that you decided to make.

One side of your work will look like this:
Front pattern of the Blue diy blanket

And the other side like this:
De achterkant van het DIY patroon van een warme plaid

I choose to put all three the yarns in a wire basket and to knit them together but you can also roll them together into one ball. I always have troubles with knitting when it’s made into one ball. Half way there is always some kind of strange long part that’s not equal to the rest anymore, which gives buttons all the time. When one yarn is finished I knot a new ball onto the end of the old wire. The balls are never the same size, also because the Royal and the Julia don’t have the same size. But even balls of the same wool are never the same size.

Good luck to make yours and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

I made some other blankets this year:
4 blankets made so far for goodlives.nl

You can find the other ones here:
1. The multiple color plaid
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3. The black and white knitted one


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