Vacation House in Ibiza: review

At the beginning of this week we came back from our 10-day vacation to Ibiza. We rented a beautiful villa (house) from One of a Kind Villas Ibiza (Huis huren Ibiza in Dutch). I made a review of the house, are you reading with me?.(Click on the title to read to complete Blog)

The house we rented is called La Primavera and is situated close to Cala d’Hort and San Josep. To go to the villa, you really need a car, since it’s around 20 minutes driving from the airport. The villa lays a little bit more up in the hills. Around the villa are a couple of other houses, but the garden is really big so you can’t see them so well from the house or the garden.
When we arrived for the first time at the house, the only thing we all said was wow, wow and again wow. We didn’t expect the house to be so big and beautiful.
The house has 5 bedrooms, all with double beds , so you can stay there with at least 10 people. We rented the house with 9, including my two year old son, who still sleeps in a baby bed.
Two of the five bedrooms are really small, but situated in the center of the house. With small, I mean there is room for a double bed, there is space for your clothes in a closet and you can walk around your bed. But that’s it. One of those small bedrooms has a separated big bathroom with a shower, 2 washing stands and a toilet and enough space to leave your suitcases and bags there. There is also some kind of table, I think to put the towels on it, but ideal for us to change the diapers of our son ;-). The other room has a much smaller separated bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower. Both rooms have big windows with a sliding door to go to the swimming pool area. You can see them both on the picture above. A minor point is that in the center of the house there is no other separated toilet, so when spending time with everybody in the house or near the swimming pool, everybody has to use one of those toilets, or the toilet in the tower. For us no problem, but keep this in mind if you choose one of these rooms!
The third bedroom is situated in the tower.

To go to the third bedroom you walk through this long corridor, which is inside the house. The tower also has its own entrance to go outside to the garden.

On the left side of the corridor, you can see the rocks of the mountain, which is quite cool I think. The corridor is bright, there is nice art and a lot of plants. In the third bedroom you sleep on the third floor, so you have to climb a lot of stairs to go to your bed. The bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, is downstairs on the first floor and on the second floor there is room for your clothes. The view from the balcony is beautiful, but if you need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you need to go down to the first floor and back. Of course if you are in good shape, this shouldn’t be a problem, haha and with all the delicious food in Ibiza you can use some free exercise;-). A minor point is the lack of curtains in the tower. The tower has mirror glass, so during the day you can’t see anything inside the tower. But as soon as the lights go on, everybody can see you walking naked through the tower. Haha a good show for your travel mates who sit outside in the garden;-).

If you want to go to the last two bedrooms, then you have to go outside the house. The two rooms are above each other and are really big, both with their own fully equipped bathrooms. The room upstairs also has two private balconies, one with a seat and one with a dining table for four persons.

At first they planned us with our 2-year old in one of these separated bedrooms. I understand why, because these rooms are really big. Much space for the baby bed and our three suitcases and lots of other Children’s stuff.

But there are also a couple of stairs on the outside (for both rooms, also the one downstairs) which felt a little bit unsafe with our 2-year old. We thought it was better to sleep in one of the smaller rooms inside the house. Also because he still sleeps a few hours during the day, and the smaller rooms are closer to the swimming pools. Which made it much easier for us to hear him and go to him faster.

The living room and Kitchen
The center part of the house has a couple of seats, a very big tv with satellite connection and a big dining table. If you want to have some privacy, there is enough place to sit a little bit more separated. But there is also enough room to sit together. The interior is nice, with some design pieces, but also Ikea stuff.

The kitchen itself is a little bit small for a group of 10 persons, but it is big enough for normal breakfast and lunch. There is a microwave, an oven, a big fridge, a dishwasher and a place for 4 cooking pots. I personally found a cooking spot with only place for 4 cooking pots a little bit minimalistic for a house which has room for 10 persons, but my mother-in-law made a good diner for 9 one night. Hahaha I think the owners of the house just expect most people to go out for diner everyday;-). And that’s exactly what we did all the other days. Or we ate something simple like bread when we already had lunch in a restaurant that day.
One thing I really missed was a water cooker. Of course you can cook water in a cooking pot, but we are so used to a water cooker for making tea.

Garden and swimming pools
The house has a big garden with two swimming pools. Both swimming pools are nice, but in the beginning of May, the water is too cold for me. If I would have a house like this, I think I would heat the swimming water with solar panels;-). The house actually has solar panels, but these are used for electricity and to heat the water in the house. The house also has Wifi. Unfortunately you can only use it in the center of the house and not in the garden or in the three other rooms who are not in the center of the house. If I wanted to work on my blogs or other people wanted to work, you had to sit inside. Which is not so funny if you come to Ibiza to enjoy the nice weather (but have to do some work). They should really do something about that. For the rest the Wifi in the house was fine.

For us a swimming pool at your house is luxury. Of course the weather in Holland is mostly not so good that a swimming pool is really necessary. But if you rent a house in a country with good weather, then it’s nice to have a swimming pool. And in this house you even have two pools. One swimming pool is in the center of the garden.

The other swimming pool is a little bit higher, you have to climb some stairs, but they are close to the first swimming pool.

Around both swimming pools you find seats and day beds. There is enough space in the garden to have some privacy from the rest of the group.

Next to the first swimming pool there is a big “garden house”, with a big dining table. You can’t cook there, but there are two small fridges and there is room for a bbq. We only couldn’t find charcoal in the shops, but to be honest we didn’t do a lot to find the charcoal.

The garden is nice, not really special, but easy to maintain. You can find all kind of Buddha statues in the garden, which give the garden a Zen feeling.

From the house and the garden you have a beautiful view to the sea. The house is also on the good side of the island for beautiful sunsets.

This is our second time that we rented a house with One of a Kind Villas Ibiza. We are very satisfied with this company. Very easy to make reservations with, and they are very helpful. After reservations we received their Ibiza Magazine with ins and outs of Ibiza. The first day of your arrival, someone of the company will let you inside the house and gives you a tour. They even asked us if they had to do some groceries for us for the first night, because no shops would be open anymore, when we would arrive at the island. If you want to do your groceries, you have to go to San Josep, here you have two bigger supermarkets, some restaurants and shops to buy clothes.

The house was great and definitely worth its price. Renting such a house is not cheap, but staying in a hotel with 9 people could be expensive too (and less privacy).  The only thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to rent this house, is that there are a lot of stairs in and around the house with no gates at all. So with children, or people who are not in a good shape, this could be a problem. There also is no gate around the swimming pools, so you have to be very very careful with small children. We liked it a lot that it was very quiet in the neighbourhood, and you have a lot of privacy in the villa even if you are with 9 or more people.

In the next weeks I will blog some more about Ibiza

Greetz Claudia

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