Latte Macchiato

We really like Latte Macchiato’s but we don’t drink them very often. Because of all the milk it’s a heavy drink and I think there are a lot of calories in it, but it looks really nice and it’s easy to make. Latte Macchiato is some kind of alternative for a Cappuccino, although there is some difference between the two. A Cappuccino is an espresso with warm milk in it and a Latte Macchiato is frothed milk with a shot of espresso in it.

You also have a Caffe Latte, which is an espresso with a little milk in it. But that’s really a different drink. A couple of years ago we were in Ibiza and I ordered a Latte Macchiato, I had to explain to the waiter what that was (hahaha I should have cancelled it by then-;), and he said he new what it was. You can imagine how surprised I looked when I received this:

We crazy Dutch drink these drinks whenever we want to, but Italians only drink a cappuccino before noon, after 12 it’s a crime to drink these kind of drinks. Since a Latte Macchiato is an alternative for Cappuccino, I guess it’s the same crime;-).

So how do I make a Latte Macchiato? First of all I like to drink it in a big glass, I use a glass of 350 ml. I mostly drink Nespresso if I drink coffee, so I use my Nespresso machine for the Latte Macchiato. But of course you can make this drink with the coffee you prefer. To Froth the milk I use a Severin machine, actually this one:

And for the ingredients I use this (see picture below). The Milk is whole milk, and I use milk which kan be stored outside the fridge and is (not opened) longer lasting. In this way I always have some milk at home, so if I have unexpected guests, than I can easily create a Latte Macchiato without running to the stores.

The Recipe:

Latte Macchiato

A latte Macchiato is a hot coffee drink, made by frothing milk and pouring Espresso in it
Servings 2


  • 300 ml Whole milk
  • 300 ml Nespresso or other Coffee
  • Sugar (own taste)
  • 2 Glasses (big ones, around 350 ml)
  • 2 Big Spoons


  • Add the Whole milk to the frothing machine and let it make frothed milk.
  • Make the coffee.
  • Divide the frothed milk over the two glasses. When I make the milk in my machine, you get a part of warm milk and a part that is foam. So I pour the milk equally in both glasses. After that I take the foam out of the machine with a bigger spoon. Leave a little bit of foam behind, you 'll need this later.
  • Take the coffee and pour this very slowly on one point of the milk/foam. You really need to do this very slowly, otherwise the coffee will mix immediately with the milk and you won't get any layers.
  • The last thing you do is put the rest of the foam on the brown spot, made by pouring the coffee in.
  • The Latte Macchiato is finished.

Greetz Claudia

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