Cala Benirras – Drum Players

Every Sunday, at least during tourist season, the (hippie) drum players come to Cala Benirras. Cala Benirras is a beautiful beach in the North of Ibiza around 3 km North of the Port of Sant Miquel. On other days this beach is quiet, but on Sundays it’s full of people, specially around sunset. Read further about the drum players

We were on that Beach at the beginning of May, and not sure if the Drum players would be there already. But we read that there were also some restaurants and that the beach was nice. We decided to take the risk of not seeing the drum players. The road from San Miquel is through the mountains so a lot of curves in the road and sometimes steep, and we didn’t know if we were driving the right way, but finally we arrived at the beach. Parking wasn’t a problem because it was still early in season. I heard that in the middle of tourist season it’s so busy that there is traffic jam to go to the beach and cars are parket till the mountains. So be prepared!

We first had some dinner at restaurant Elements (blog about this restaurant soon on There were some little clothing shops and there was a local market. And just when we wanted to leave,  people were moving to the left side of the beach and we finally knew we didn’t miss the drum players of Benirras.

We walked to the drum players. A lot of people were sitting on blankets or towels in front of the drum players and some people are dancing ( haha they weren’t quit sober I guess if you are dancing on this music;-). You can even buy Mojito’s on the beach, from local people who come there with their coolers with drinks. And forget the expensive prices you pay for a drink in the clubs, 5 euros for a Mojito!!! The music is not so special, at least for me, but the atmosphere is!

Greetz Claudia

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