My Top 5 Songs #1

There is so much different music that I like. But sometimes I hear some songs on the radio that stay in my head. This is mostly when I’m driving my car and listening to Slamfm or Radio538. One of these song is Major Lazor & DJSnake with Lean on. (Click on the title to read to complete Blog)..

Listen to this nice music on Youtube:

The second one of the top 5 songs that makes me feel good, is Time of our lives from Pitbull with Neyo, because it’s such a happy song. Evertime I hear this song I would like to dance immediately. What’s a little bit difficult when you’re sitting in your car;-)

The next song is a little bit more a party song from Sander Kleinenberg ft Gwen McCrae, but since it’s almost summer and time to go to Ibiza, this is good.

Just like this one, the fourth one of the songs top 5: you got me feeling electricity, when your lips touching mine we’re like AC/DC………………,”Perfect Storm” from Made in June, reminds you of that one person who turned your life upside down;-)

The last one is a little bit more of a Golden Oldie. I heard it on the radio the other day and I couldn’t get it out of my head anymore.

Haha “Breaking the habit” from Linkin park is a dangerous song in the car, you easily drive to hard listening to this song.

What are your favourite songs?

Greetz Claudia

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