Sinterklaas DIY ideas 2016 (#DIY)

Sinterklaas styling 2016

Last year I made some Sinterklaas DIY decorations for the first time, in Black and white styling. You can find the Blog about the styling here. It’s always such a nice time, specially since I have a little son myself. Lars is now 3 years old and he is starting to like it a lot. For this year I also wanted to make some nice things. Ideas enough, only less time. For a couple of weeks I’m working on my master thesis again, and this takes so much time. So I only made two new things, black painted clogs and two pepper nut glass jars with Sinterklaas and Piet glued on it.

Sinterklaas styling 2016

De Pepernotenpotjes
Sinterklaasversiering met twee nieuwe potjes 2016
On Instagram I saw a couple of posts about nice jars and bottles with dinosaurs glued on it and paint sprayed black or white. It seems like a nice idea , but then for my Sinterklaas DIY ideas, with Sint and Piet instead of a dinosaur. So as the first Sinterklaas DIY ideas two glass jars for pepper nuts, easy to fill because of the screw cap.
For the glass jars I chose jars from Kesbeke pickles. These jars have a nice form and don’t look like the typical food jars. And they have a screw cap, do the pepper nuts stay crunchy. At Kruidvat they have the Playbill boxes with Sinterklaas and Black Piet again, last week even with 20% discount.

This is the stuff I used to make the jars:
In the box with the Playmobil dolls you find some pieces that you have to click on the Sinterklaas, his horse and the Piet. To be certain I glued all the parts with hard plastic glue. After that I cleaned the glass jars and removed the labels. I cleaned the glue on the cover from the labels with benzine, with this the cover is also fat free.
With universal bisonkit I glued the Piet with his bag and the Sint on his horse on the covers.
Sint en Piet vastgelijmd voor DIY op
I let it dry for one day and after that I spray painted it in four layers with white gloss spray from the Hema. Every day a layer, but I guess you can do it faster. And finally put the pepper nuts into the cleaned glass jars.

Pepernoten potten DIY met Sint en Piet op

De Clogs
Klompen met wortel en hooi voor het paard van Sinterklaas

For the Sinterklaas DIY clogs I bought clogs without any paint on it at the Boerenbond. First I tried to spray paint these clogs with black gloss spray from the Hema. But they stayed mat. So finally I painted them with paint from Sigma (high gloss contour) color 9005. After two layers the gloss was ok. So instead of paint spraying I think it’s better to paint them with one or two layers of undercoat and then paint them with gloss paint.
And the first present from Sinterklaas for Lars already arrived in it;-).

Klompen met wortel en hooi voor het paard van Sinterklaas

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