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Yesterday we went with friends to the baseball movie “Boys of Summer” in Rotterdam, at least we thought it was a movie but it turned out to be a documentary about young baseball players in Curacao. The tickets were free because Bailey Lights is sponsoring the WPT in Rotterdam, that’s why we went to that movie in the first place. For me the movie was boring and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t really interested in Baseball. After the movie we were looking for a restaurant in the neighborhood and we found restaurant Bazar Rotterdam on the Witte de Withstraat 16. One of our friends checked the internet for reviews and it was nr 33 on the top 500 restaurant list of TripAdvisor in Rotterdam. So that must be a good one then. But first need to find some seats. The problem was that it was Friday night, which is normally busy, we didn’t make a reservation and because of the first really good spring day, it was also extra busy on the streets. But we were lucky, in the basement they had a table for four, so “strike”..;-) (to stay in the baseball language).

When we entered the restaurant we were very surprised about it.

The ambiance looked great with all kinds of Middle eastern and North African accessories and lamps. The restaurant is located in a monumental building. There is a basement, a ground level and a layer above. And above that is the hotel I guess. And indeed all tables were taken, except the one who was waiting for us.

Bazar Rotterdam serves meals from North-Africa and the Middle East, they have Fish and Meat but also Vegetarian meals. Next to the diner meals, they also serve lunch and even breakfast. As a starter we ordered the “Iran’s voorgerecht”, for 2 persons (with Zaalouk, Humuz, Haydari, Sarma, Peynir Ezmer, Sigara boregi and bread) and the “Abdul’s voorgerecht” for 2 persons (with Sigara boregi, cigar sucuk, falafel, chicken wings, garlic sauce and bread). Don’t ask me what it all means, because we didn’t (and don’t) know at all ;-). But we like it to be surprised. The first starter was completely vegetarian, it wasn’t really my taste, but together with the other starter it was fine.
The main course on the other hand was great. We ordered the “Bizar Bazar Fish” and the “Bizar Bazar Meat”, both for 2 persons. Both meals exist of a big Kebabs per person (big skewers), the fish one with tuna, big shrimps and vegetables and the meat one with beef, chicken and vegetables. There was also a little fishy stew and a little meat stew and some salad. They served it with rice.

All four of us really enjoyed it, hahaha I get hungry again typing about the food.

After that I had a little space for the famous Dudok apple pie, I thought. I only made it halfway through the peace of  pie because I was completely full. haha but at the end M couldn’t resist the pie;-), he can always eat more than me….

The service at the table was quick, only when the main course dishes should be taken away, the waitress took only half of it and left the rest for a while, because it was her smoking break. That was a little stupid, but her colleague finally removed it when she brought us our tea and apple pie. But that was the only note I can make.

Bazar Rotterdam is a restaurant I will really recommend to my friends, so if you want to know more, check it out here on their site.

Greetz Claudia

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