Cocktail Friday: A Rum Cola

While I was moving all the Blogs from Photosforfoodies to Cakes and Pumps I noticed that I never wrote a Blog about Rum Cola. And this happens to be the most made cocktail in Suriname, which is the country where my hubby Martin is born and where we have spent almost 6 vacations already. So the choice was made quickly , the first Cocktail Friday Blog for Cakes and Pumps is about Rum Cola, or better a Borgoe Cola, with Surinamese rum.

Rum Cola is also known as a Cuba Libre, but then you have to drink it with Cuban rum I think.
We prefer our Rum Cola the most with dark rum. This rum is mostly more soft than the white one. And when we visited Suriname for the first time in 2004, we started to drink our rum cola’s with Borgoe extra.
Borgoe extra was until a couple of years ago very hard to find in the Netherlands. This wasn’t a real problem for us, because we went to Suriname almost every year and brought ourselves a couple of bottles with every visit.
But now it was already 6 years ago that we were on vacation in Suriname so the bottles were finished long time ago.
But since some time you can buy Borgoe Extra in Holland too, through the internet. It’s more than twice so expensive as in Suriname where you pay a little more than 10 euro’s for a bottle.

Borgoe is Suriname’s best known dark rum, and it’s produced by Suriname Alcoholic Beverages N.V. SAB is founded in 1966 and started with botteling and distributing rum made of the sugar cane from the Mariënburg plantage. Borgoe ’82, another version of the Borgoe, is made in 1982 for the first time, to celebrate the 100 birthday of the sugar cane plantage in Mariënburg. Borgoe extra is mixed out of a very long layered stock of rum, which is dubbel filtered and saved on oak for years. The name Borgoe is a Surinamese name for Bridge in the place Mariënburg. (Bron).

We prefer to drink the rum cola with Cola Zero or Cola Light. During my first stay in Suriname, the extra kilo’s came so fast. Rum cola’s had their share in that, so after that holiday we replaced the normal cola for cola light;-)

I don’t measure exactly how many Borgoe extra I put in the glass, but if you put as much as two fingers in your glass before you put the icecubes in it, then you have a nice Borgoe Cola.

The Recipe:

Cocktail Friday: A Rum Cola

A delicious Borgoe Cola, made of Surinamese Borgoe extra rum and Cola. Preferable with ice cubes and a lemon part.
Servings 1


  • Borgoe extra Surinamese Rum, a layer rum measuring two fingers
  • Cola Zero, Diet or normal, to your own taste
  • 3-4 Icecubes
  • Lemon part


  • Put a layer of rum in a longdrink glass, circa two fingers thick.
  • Next put some icecubes in the glass.
  • After that you fill the glass with cola
  • and last you put a part of lemon into the glass.
  • Enjoy

Greetz Claudia

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