A Gin Tonic with Bobby’s gin for Cocktail Friday

So it’s a long time since I wrote a blogpost for Cocktail Friday. The last post for Cocktail Friday was in Suriname, a Rum Cola. Time to try a new cocktail. And since it’s friday today, and I was up for a little cocktail, I tried a Gin Tonic.

Some time ago we were having dinner at ‘t Weeshuys in Geertruidenberg and we drank this delicious cocktail with Bobby’s gin for the first time. If we go out, I love to try new Gin’s, because you don’t have to buy a whole bottle at once and I can get some inspiration for decorating my G&T’s. With this Gin we were both so enthusiastic, that I bought the ingredients immediately online when I got home.

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Cocktail Friday: a Gin Tonic with Hendrick’s Gin

Yesterday we were at a sponsor drink from the Wold Port tournament in Rotterdam. The WPT is a baseball event in July, and since M. is a big baseball fan, and also sponsors the event, we were invited for the drinks, bbq and the baseball game. When we arrived, we got a Gin Tonic as welcome drink, a G&T mojito style. I made a picture of it for Cakes and Pumps, for the #100daysof_summer on instagram that I joined. And one of the comments was if it was a Hendrick’s Gin. I honestly didn’t know and never drunk that special Gin. But by coincident I ordered that Gin last week. So I knew right away that would be the cocktail for Cocktail Friday. Read further for the Gin cocktail.

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