Cocktail Friday: An Ibiza Reloaded with Licor 43

With this great weather in the Netherlands, I’m enjoying my own garden a lot. It almost feels like I’m in Ibiza with these great temperatures, and I’m more into trying some new cocktails on these hot summer evenings. It’s some time ago already that I made a blogpost about a cocktail. I don’t have a lot of time to write Blogs these days, hihi it’s not that we’re not drinking any cocktails;-). But tonight Martin is in Breda watching a Hockey champignonship with some Japanese guys and the Japanese ambassador, so I picked up my camera to make some cocktail pictures. A cocktail with the name an Ibiza Reloaded.

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Cocktail Friday: a Hugo cocktail

Yoehoe, it’s weekend. Time for the first cocktail that I move from Photos for Foodies to’s Cocktail Friday. I wrote this post with the summer in my mind and I made this nice Hugo cocktail.But who cares, this cocktail is also great in autumn or winter
You can buy a Hugo cocktail in bottles. Some of them are ok, but nothing beats a nice homemade cocktail.
For the kind of Hugo cocktail that I like, you need Prosecco, Sodawater, Elder Flower Liquor and Martini Bianco. Most people don’t make the Hugo with Martini, but it gives a nice flavor, so just try it!

The sizes of the ingredients in the recipes are in parts. When I make this cocktail, I use a water jug to fill instead of a glass. That’s much easier, then making it immediately in a glass, specially since most of the time we drink more than one glass;-)

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